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Custom Z1 Speed Boat 2013

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$89,000.00 CAD

$89,000.00 CAD

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Collectors item, one of only twenty built!

The short story is.. Only 20 hulls were produced and 3 boats were powered with a Mercury Racing 383 Mag Stroker engine. The advantage of this engine is that it is a lighter block (approximately 130kg lighter) than the larger traditional 496 cu in. block engine. We installed Custom Marine Inc. (CMI) headers and Aeroquip stainless steel braided hosing to dress the engine up. The result is a boat that produces roughly 400HP and speeds upwards of 70 MPH (once fully broken in). It is truly a unique boat in every way.. It was designed Allan Brown (known as "Brownie") who is a member of the Gulf Marine Racing Hall of Fame and well known for innovation and design for such companies as Cigarette Racing Team, Cougar Marine, Magnum Marine, and Donzi Marine and others. He is regarded as the most accomplished engineer in the hi-performance business. The hull design is a deep vee constant section hull form (the magical 24 degree deadrise) which utilizes large stabilizing strakes outboard and small whisker strakes forward for spray control, and trailing edges kept perfectly square for minimum drag. The Z1 is 100% hand laded. The material (AME 4000 and stitched glass) is carefully weighted to arrive at the correct resin to glass ratio to produce the strongest possible product. Stringers are constructed with carbon graphite fully encapsulating Klegecell high density PVC foam to provide strength and stiffness. Kevlar is used in the hull lamination. This method targets optimum speed to available horsepower. Probably the single most important aspect of the boat design and engineering is the "Joint". The goal was a seamless joint reflecting the nostalgic look of the classic wooden boats and to make the hull and deck joint stronger with unibody construction. The hull and deck join together with a seamless butt joint attached in the interior with the hand laded AME 4000 resin triaxel stitched fibreglass (from the inside out). The result is a work of art!! Furthermore, the quality of the Z1 is superior to the Donzi 22.
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Status:In Stock
Class:Personal Water Craft
Model:Z1 Speed Boat
Price:$89,000.00 CAD
Location:MacTier, Ontario
Distance:440 miles from Ashburn, VA [Change]
Engine:383 Stroker
Fuel Type:Gas
Dealer Name:The Cove
Phone:1-877-926-2822 Ext. 7212
Distance:440 miles from Ashburn, VA