Mustang Survival PFD Review

Reviewed by Tami Hamilton

Mustang Side

We all know we should wear our personal flotation devices when out on the waterways, so why not feel safe, comfortable and look good doing it with a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) from Mustang Survival. This light weight, easy to assemble Mustang PFD is truly one of a kind. I took one for a test to see what it was like to wear this comfortable PFD while performing tasks the average boater would encounter.

The Thousand Islands section of the St. Lawrence River provides many different water conditions and navigational challenges to those that enjoy it’s scenic beauty. A day cruising around the islands seemed like a fitting way to put the Mustang PFD through it's paces.

Mustang Front

The U shaped design of this PFD goes around your neck and hangs on each front side of your body over the chest. It slips on easily and after you snug up the waist belt you are ready to go. Once on it fits comfortably and feels secure.

Mustang Back

The open back of the Mustang PFD is what helps your body breath on those hot summer days boating, with much less bulk than regular PFD ‘s. This device is designed with a 33 – gram CO2 gas cylinder installed in the left side of the U shaped design. This is used to inflate the PFD and give it 35lbs of buoyancy. The CO2 Cylinder is activated one of two ways; you can pull the tab on the bottom left of the PFD to inflate it manually or once the unit is submerged in 4 inches or more of water (10cm), it will inflate automatically. It is important to note that this jacket is not sensitive to rain, mist or splashes. As a backup there is an oral inflation tube located in the left front panel.

To deflate the PFD, reverse the oral-inflation tube dust cap and insert it into the valve. Gently squeeze the inflatable PFD until air and gas are out. Once the device is used, you are able to purchase more CO2 cartridges and insert them through the zipper. Attach the new CO2 cylinder pointing upward inside the PFD and voila you are ready for your next safe boating adventure.

This product is recommended for Persons fitting the following critia: be 16 years of age or older, weight 80 lbs or more and have a chest size between 30-50 inches. This specific model of PFD is not used for paddling, sail boating activities or personal watercrafts, but MUSTANG makes models specific to those activities.

My day on the St. Lawrence River proved this Mustang vest to be everything I expected and more. I put the PFD on at the dock and effortlessly transitioned from the dock to the boat. I was then easily able to stow gear and handle lines while getting ready to leave, without my PFD snagging or limiting my movement. Once on the water I was able to navigate safely and comfortably without being frustrated by an ill fitting or overheating conventional style flotation device.

I would highly recommend the Mustang PFD to anyone who is riding the water. For more information please see After all, They save lives for a living!

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