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In order to sell used boat, you need to be available. If you are not there to talk to prospective buyers, you waste your advertising. Boats are big-ticket items, and buyers often have a lot of questions. They will want to see the boat in person and perhaps go for a quick outing to see how it feels on the water. If you do not answer your phone, you will lose potential sales.

When looking at pricing to sell used boat, review other ads. Look at similar boats selling in your area and what they are selling for. Your boat can either have a better price or better features than other boats if you want to be noticed. Be sure to clearly state any extras that come with your boat and how they will benefit the new owners.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Used Boat?

Since it takes an average of three months to sell used boat, place your ad just before the start of boat season. People will not be looking at boats during the winter unless you live in an area where there is year-round boating. Placing your ad shortly before boating season gives people a heads up on what is available. With luck, you'll have the boat taken off your hands by the time people would normally put it in the water.

One other tip to share: Be sure to disclose any dents and dings in your boat or accidents it may have had. At, you can place a listing of unlimited length, so you can say as much as you want about your boat without paying an extra fee per word or per line. Tell prospective buyers what they need to know in order to make a decision. And keep in mind what an emotional decision buying a boat is. Don't forget to include lots of photos of your boat and your family and friends having fun on it!

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