2016 Skeeter WX 1910 - High Performing, Deep Water Fishing

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Boat Review by: Matt Spencer

skeeter WX 1910 Running

When you think of Skeeter Boats you probably immediately think bass boats. This is kind of expected and quite natural considering they invented the segment. That said Skeeter has a full line of deep water fibreglass fishing boats as well - 5 to be exact! At 19 feet 1 inch, the WX 1910 is the middle child in their WX line of deep water boats that even includes a tiller model.

While not a new model for 2016, I was able to get a great look at one at the Toronto International Boat show and I was right away thinking about trolling the Bay of Quinte for monster walleye. Since it it still a Skeeter, the WX 1910 has sleek styling with low profile design and metal flake paint. It does however have a full sized windshield with walk through for when conditions out on the water turn ugly.

Below the waterline is a unique feature exclusive to Skeeter and that’s the REACT Keel. Simply put, they have beefed up the front keel of the boat so that it equals the same surface area as the drive case. What this does is gives you better control at rest - especially when drift fishing. With the REACT Keel you will always drift perpendicular to the wind and not swing all over the place. You can better position yourself when spot fishing and you get unparalleled control when back-trolling. This also gives you a sharp point of entry when hitting waves but doesn’t affect top end performance when on smooth water. It’s a win-win.

Moving inside the boat you will see Skeeter makes full use of the 95.5 inch beam on the 1910 by putting in four seats, along with two folding jump seats in the stern casting deck. Also under that very casting deck is a 24 gallon livewell. Directly in front of that in the cockpit floor is the battery bank access when charging at night.

Storage in the gunnels consist a of folding down single door on the port side to protect your rods and twin fold down doors on starboard side for your planer boards, cannon balls and gloves. Moving forward you get to the dual consoles that are, again, very bass boat inspired but still durable to live up to the high demands of deep water fishing. There is an in dash item tray with non-skid bottom at the co-captain console along with a large glove box and grab handle. The helm on the WX 1910 is clean and simple and is short on gauges so you have extra room to mount your graphs. Skeeter knows you’re going to get all your info from your fishing graphs so they want to give you plenty of room to mount them. There is a 16 quart cooler in the step up to the bow - a Skeeter tradition.

The bow casting platform on the WX 1910 in a word is massive. All of the hatches and handles are flush mounted so you can move about in high pressure situations and not worry about kicking or stubbing your toe on anything. Center is a “ski” style locker that could fit more rods and safety gear and flanking this, are two more storage compartments, the starboard of which has a bait-well.

While I would have preferred to get out on the water in this bad boy, I had to set these desires at bay for now. It is a safe assumption that the WX 1910 will have white knuckle performance that will deliver at the blast off at your next tournament.

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Length: 19'1" 5.79 m
Beam: 95.5" 2.4 m
Dry weight: 2,175 lbs 986.5 kg
Fuel Capacity: 34 US gals 128 L
Engine HP: 200
Fuel Type: Gas
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