Hughes Hughes 29 1971 $11,999.00 CAD

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$11,999.00 CAD

Screening Questionaire,  1971 Hughes 29  Trillium

  1. Have you sailed before?   If so, how much, where, and in what?
  2. Do you envision other family members sailing with you, and if so what % of the time?
  3. Do other family members envision sailing with you, and if so what % of the time?
  4. Have these other family members sailed before, and if so, how much, where and in what?
  5. How old are you?
  6. Do you have a spouse?  What is his/her age?     Children?  Ages?
  7. Have you taken a Canadian Power Squadron course, or any sailing courses?
  8. Do you have a boating license?
  9. Do you have a VHF radio operators license?
  10. Can you swim?  What is your personal policy on PFD use when sailing?
  11. Are  you knowledgeable about, interested in, and handy with, mechanical issues?
  12. Why are you interested in this particular boat?
  13. Are you looking for a boat on which you can live aboard?    or do offshore sailing?
  14. Where would you keep the boat in the summer?  In the winter?
  15. Give an estimate and itemize the costs of keeping this boat annually.
  16. Have you put up and taken down a mast on a keelboat?
  17. Do you know what is involved in winter storage and spring preparation procedures?
  18. Would  you enjoy sanding the hull bottom in the fall and applying paint in the spring?
  19. How many months of the year do you think that you will be able to sail in your local sailing ground?
  20. How many days each month on average do you think the weather will be suitable for your style of sailing and on how many of those days do you expect to actually sail?


Trillium is something of a purist’s vessel, not suited to the general run of potential boat buyers who often are looking for a floating upright cottage with a large cockpit for entertaining friends, and a quiet motor which will be the primary source of boat propulsion.

This vessel is just the opposite: she heels over well in a good breeze, has a small cockpit in which it is not easy to move around because of the wheel and pedestal, and has a diesel engine loud enough to make the cabin unusable when the engine is running.  Definitely not your grandmother’s cruising yacht, Trillium is best suited to day sailing by one or two enthusiasts in strong winds.

The boat is a good one. The price is firm. In order to avoid taking your time needessly I only show to prospective buyers who seem well suited to the boat, who will perhaps continue the good care and maintenance that she has received on my watch of about 10 years, and who will likely be happy with her for years to come.  Your answers to these questions will give a good indication as to whether you might be a satisfied owner.


Vintage Yacht

1971 Hughes 29, Trillium                           Specs and Inventory

Purchased by current owner in 2009 and professionally re engineered in 2010 with new diesel engine, Vetus M2C3 (Mitsubishi),  12 hp, twin cylinder, and a number of other modifications including revision of the deck and cockpit drainage system.  Engine was purchased from No Problem Inc, Kingston, and installed, along with drive shaft, flexible bull joint, stuffing box (with lubricator), cutless bearing and 3 blade propellor by Bolton Marine, Glenora. Engine, gearbox, water filter, stuffing box made very accessible by cockpit floor access hatch.  25 litre plastic fuel tank with all new lines, and Racor primary fuel filter all installed then.

For boat specs and history of Hughes boatbuilders, see

Hull above waterline  buffed and polished annually.  Deck Awl Gripped, white, 2008. Hull below waterline bottom painted annually, most recently with Aquaguard, previously with Bottomkote.

Boat is stored in winter with mast down and with a cotton canvas Harborgard cover, made in sections, and using boom, wood, and spinnaker spar for supporting spine.

Sails are: mainsails (new fullsized 2016, Sailrite, used one season only; new 2nd reef size "Big Bay" mini mainsail 2019, Sailrite/Kingston sail) ; 120 jib ; 110 and 85 jibs  (2010, Sailrite); spinnaker (with dedicated pole);  yankee storm jib            (all sails with sail bags)

Other Inventory:

Cap shroud chainplates reinforced 2019 with double 3/8" stainless bolts and external partner chainplates.

Triple component Vetus muffler system installed 2019, including waterlift muffler box, gooseneck muffler, and inline muffler.

Engine: cooling system, with expansion tank, (and spare expansion tank and heat exchanger 7 lb caps)

Complete set of replacement Vetus engine gaskets  

Complete set of replacement  Vetus engine coolant hoses

Spare Vetus exhaust injection elbow.

Replacement alternator belts

Zodiac inflatable, in good condition, with custom cover, two oars, and manual and electric pumps. (also, smaller Sevylor inflatable)

Origo alcohol stove, new 2011;  and  methyl hydrate fuel

AM/FM/CD boombox radio, 12 volt, by Sound Concepts, Belleville

Running rigging, all halyards (and jib sheets) new in 2011;   mainsheet and Hood continuous line  furler line new 2016

Replacement rope strippers, and replacement set of inserts for jib halyard swivel , for Hood continuous line furler

Portable head

2 water tanks

Sink with manual pump

Oil filter removal tool.

Electric and manual Bilge pump

Batteries, 2, 12 volt.   

Battery charger, medium size, 2/4/6 volts       for 6 or 12 volt battery, Schumacher, 2013

Solar panels, 2,  5 watt, one for each battery

Blue Sea 1830 M2 OLED DC State of Charge  monitor (2015) connected to both batteries.

120 volt 30 amp AC  power cord 

Shore power receptable and  panel  professionally installed

Interior cushions, 1 complete set  (8 piece, green, good condition)

Cockpit cushions, 2, green, good condition

Sport-a-seats, 2, blue, for use in cockpit

Raymarine depth sounder, thru-hull         (2010)

Raymarine autopilot        (2015)

Magellan hand held GPS,  2

Bad Elf GPS Pro (rechargable, for use with electronic chart tablet)

Compass on binnacle, illuminated

Wheel steering    , with brake  ; (pulley/cable system under cockpit serviced and updated 2015/16, with three of six pulley wheels replaced (2 aluminium, 1 bronze), other 3 in good condition)

VHF radio           (Standard Horizon, 2010);   also,  handheld portable VHF new 2016

Flag staff (stern);   Running lights

Mast head:        steaming light (2015), VHF/FM  antenna, and Windex

Decklight, on mast;             tubular radar reflector

Jib and mainsail halyard winches on mast, with winch handle holster

4 winches on coamings,    and winch handle holster on binnacle stand

Standing rigging:  both cap shrouds and fore and back stays replaced 2015

Spinnaker pole

Bumpers, 5 large, 4 medium size

Mooring lines, an assortment of

Bruce anchor,  approx  20 lbs, with 20 feet of heavy chain

Danforth anchor, light, with short length of chain

Both anchors with long lengths of nylon line

Boat hook

Jib pole (telescoping, aluminium)

Life jackets (4), lifelines (3) , and safety harness (1)

Seattle rescue sling

Life ring

Dodger (green)

Multipurpose cover for dodger/bimini, blue

Wheel cover (cotton canvas Harborgard, light green)

Sail cover (green/blue)

Jib cover  (green, laceable, Sailrite jibs do not have sunstrip installed)

Cradle, steel

Cetol varnish, 1 can

1 container of a variety of extra bits and pieces, e.g. fuses etc etc

2 diesel fuel containers,  20 litres, and 5 litres, red , approved

Racor (primary) and Vetus (secondary) fuel filter replacements 

Vetus oil filter replacements

Engine oil has been replaced annually, transmission oil bi annually, ditto coolant and fuel filters

Pleasure craft license.

(Not included, clock housing in cabin.)

History: Boat has most recently been sailed on six annual September eastern Lake Ontario expeditions by current owner (logs available) and appears to be very seaworthy and in good general condition, a real pleasure to sail. Low hours on diesel engine new in 2010.

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