Stanley 18 Predator 2019

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If you fish, hunt, or trap, you require a tough multi purpose, no-nonsense boat. The Predator is designed just for this purpose. With 9' retractable loading ramps, it becomes the ultimate mini barge, for transporting cargo, equipment, gear and men to base camp.

• 3/16” hull & sides • 3/16” non skid floor • Self bailing floor
• Semi V hull with lifting strakes • Navigational lights • Lockable bow compartment
• 12 volt receptacle • 3/16" hull and sides • Self bailing floor
• Navigational lights • 4 tie down cleats • 2 paddle holders
• 26” side console with rotary steering • Splash well • 10 gal. carry on fuel tank
• Stern storage compartment with swivel driver’s seat  
Styles: side console, center console, dual console, open cabin, closed cabin
Outboard and I/O configurations 
Larger Models are available. Please see your dealer for details.

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