Hunter 40-1 (Legend) 1987 $19,950.00 USD

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$19,950.00 USD
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Here is a list of items the boat will require: Exterior Keel - I had the keel sandblasted last year and coated the keel in epoxy, including West System barrier additive. I did the coating to West System's specifications and it came out nicely. There are a couple small spots where there may have been an air bubble that allowed some moisture to contact the keel. These small spots (only a few and the size of a pin) should be cleaned out and re-coated. Lifelines need to be completely replaced, and some stanchion bases remounted. There is a small section of soft deck on the starboard side. I had a marine surveyor come out and heat map the deck. He suggested that the shroud plates be re-bedded - that should be done. I already re-cored and decked a 1 ft. by 2 ft. section in the area of the soft deck. That portion needs to have the cosmetic finishing steps completed. I just had the boat compounded and waxed this past summer (2018). Down Below The cabin sole has a couple areas that should be replaced, but otherwise it is serviceable. The main fuel tank has sludge in it that I have not been able to fully clean out and I didn't want to have it cut out and replaced. Instead, I installed a day tank system that allows you to pump fuel from the main to the day tank and filter (polish) it as you do so. I haven't been able to use it because I never got the boat back in the water. Several port lights and the forward hatch over the v-berth have minor leaks that should be addressed. Sails and Canvas The mainsail is use-able but in pretty rough shape, depending on you standards it should be replaced immediately, or you could get by a few more seasons with applications of sail tape. Jib is serviceable. Bimini is serviceable. Dodger is serviceable. Isinglass is pretty rough. There are cosmetic issues inside and out that will require attention. Teak and Holly laminate is water damaged in areas. Formica Counter top is damaged around icebox because icebox frame has come lose.
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