ALUBAT OVNI 56 1991 $470,000.00 USD

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$470,000.00 USD

'Bulle' (bubbles) is an outstanding aluminum sailing vessel built for long range cruising and expeditions including circumnavigation. Twin rudder, and retractable centerboard.  Up only 3 ft draft for ease in near shore anchorages, and shallow coves and channels.

Built to highest ocean standards by ALUBAT yacht yard, as a custom OVNI 56 in France.  

Designed by Architect, Philippe BRIAND  (of Beneteau, and 15 championship sailing yachts design fame).   

First launched in 1991, and then hull was fully Refit in 2009-2013, by Normandy Yacht Services by present owner including full foam insulation for all climates, and professionally finished with luxury interior and shipwright woodwork, and custom pilothouse for all weather cruising. Just returned from extensive expeditions in South Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Powered by a Yanmar 4 cylinder, 125 hp diesel engine. 1400 litre fuel tanks capacity for a 1500 mile range under power alone.   Also has an Onan 8 KW Generator, and Solar panels for fully self sufficient power.  

The yacht is maintained in excellent condition and ready for the next worldwide sailing adventures. Comes with a long list of equipment including;   

    Semi rigid Aluminum and Hypalon 12' Tender (2015) with 2 outboard motors to fit Yamaha 20hp, and Yamaha 15hp (2015).


Priced for discerning international yacht buyers at Asking price is EURO 420,000.  or USD$470,000.

                                                                Not for sale in Canadian waters.

Detailed Equipment List and Vessel Specifications Below;

1 - Identification

Name: Bulle

Type: Sailboat

Series: Ovni 56

Serial number: 56-02

Certificate number 5007

Builder: Alubat

Material: Aluminum

Architect: Philippe BRIAND

Year of construction: 1991 completely redone in 2013.

Length: 16.80 m

Beam: 5.00 m

Hollow: 2.00 m

Draft: 1.00 m / 3.00 m

Weight under load: 20 000 KG

Weight of the ballast: 6000 KG + 1300 KG of drift

Sail area: 128 m2 + staysail 27 m2

Gross tonnage: 29.42 tons

Engine: Yanmar

Type: 4JH3-DTE

Serial No .: E30304

Year: 2002 according to former owner and bill of sale.

Power: 125 HP

Fuel: Diesel

Permanent Certificate of Mauritius Registery MR1034 of 26/05/2014

Call sign 3BSJ

MMSI 645387000

2 - History of registrations and owners

1st launched: Les Sables d'Olonne, April 29, 1991, under the number 16504 - 2430-1

Registration to Maritime Affairs: Under number 795 665 D May 31, 1996 in Dunkirk.

Customs Launch: Under the number 15960/6030 (D3563) on June 10, 1996 in Dunkirk.

Cat. navigation: Homologated in 1 st .

Certificate approving a series vessel: 4836 of 28/02/1991

cat.1 and 2: 8 people

cat.3 and 4: 10 people

cat.5 and 6: 14 people

Certificate approving a series vessel: 5853 of 11/06/1992

A motor maximum power of 80.9kW.

New engine change (Installed 16/04/08) for current engine 125HP is 93.2 kW.

Yanmar manufacturer data: 89.1 kW maximum at 3800 rpm. And 85.3 kW at 3700 rpm in continuous use.

NUC (Commercial Use Vessel) at one time but impossible to retrieve the papers despite repeated requests to the former owner and maritime affairs.

29/04/91 GAELLE II ??

SEA-TOY, 22/10/91; Mr. Fromantin (owner of center Leclerc atlantic coast ...).

3-year world tour with crew (including July 93 Papeete between Galapagos and Tonga).

31/05/96 PHISYL; SNC Physil represented by Sylvain BRAEM (actually his father, a company manager in the north but Sylvain skipper operator), charter use between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

1996 Takeover between Dunkerque and Baleares after 6 months of construction.

1997 Preparation for transat.

1998-2001 Charter in the Caribbean with American customers 1999 refit in Trinidad.

2001 economic crisis back to the Balearic Islands.

2002-2006 charter in the Balearic Islands with European customers.

Incursion in 2004 in the Antilles (Martinique and St Vincent).

Sept. 2006 to Sept. 2007 boat at El Kantaoui in Tunisia.

Sept. 2007 to December 2008 dry boat at Port Saint Louis du Rhône.

Then Corsica then Arzal where sold in 2009 (sale following the death of the father).

30/11/2009 acquisition and new name BULLE.

2010-2013 NORMANDY YACHT SERVICES yard in Caen where this sailboat of 1991 was deeply redesigned and renovated:

New tanks integrated into the hull;

Dismantling teak deck and renovation of the aluminum bridge;

Complete sandblasting, painting of the bridge and bright works;

Closure of the cockpit on the back (U-shaped bench instead of a rocking bench increasing the volume of storage adding a chest / bench on the transom);

Modification of the rudder system and rudder compensation (calculation by Briand firm);

Modification of the steering system;

The hull was completely emptied and insulated by AL777 / 10 BAYSYSTEMS spray foam 6 cm thick above the waterline;

The interior fittings have been completely redone;

All the electricity and fluids redone;

The sailboat was equipped with an aluminum wheelhouse incorporating a complete new electronics;

The new standing rigging installed.

Launch in Caen December 2012.

Winter / Spring 2013: Descent through the Seine / Saone / Rhône canals to Port Saint Louis du Rhône where matting and fittings development.

Summer 2013 Corsica.

September 2013 return to Port Saint Louis du Rhône.

Since September 2013 program Grand voyage / Charter / Expedition: autumn 2013 departure from France transat to the Antilles via Canaries and Cape Verde and Panama 2014, French Polynesia summer 2014, Palau winter 2014-2015, Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia summer 2015, Philippines, Palau winter 2015-2016, Indonesia summer 2016, Malaysia winter 2016-2017, Philippines, Japan Spring 2017, Alaska, British Columbia summer 2017, Mexico winter 2017-2018, 1 year in French Polynesia 2018/2019, Spring 2019 Hawaii, summer 2019 Alaska. Visible in Vancouver.

23/01/2014 cancellation of the French flag, Bulle becomes the property of Voilier Bulle GBC1 Mauricienne.

Provisional Certificate of Mauritius Registery MR1034 from 05/03/2014 to 04/06/2014.

Permanent Certificate of Mauritius Registery MR1034 of 26/05/2014.

In the description below, all the equipment dates back to the construction site done in 2013 otherwise it is specified.

3 - Hull

Aluminum shell, plate thickness 10 mm bottom plate then 8mm then 6mm and 4mm for the deck. Filler rail integrated into the plating sheet.

Bright works: Inversalu aluminum processing from Meta. Zinc Silicate treatment providing both electrolytic protection and effective antifulling protection.

Hull works: raw aluminum sandblasted.

Ballast: 6000 kg integrated in the bottoms in 2 aluminum welded boxes on each side of the drift well.

Drift: full steel sail 40 mm treated Metagrip (Inversalu for steel) 1300 kg lifting by hoist on winch foot mat.

2x400L built-in aluminum water tanks with food paint and insulation valve under the front floor of the saloon and head of the port and starboard berths.

Aluminum fuel tanks integrated into the 1x700L and 1x500L hull under the rear floor of the saloon.

Access hatches for plexiglass tanks for visual inspection of levels and cleanliness.

Thru Hulls: 4 in the forward bathroom on the port side (2 for the WC + 1 for the machine drain + 1 for the gray water drain), 3 in the back bathroom on the port (2 for the WC + 1 for the drain gray water tank), 1 for reverse osmosis on the port side, 1 for the engine + 1 for the group at the starboard aft + 1 for the galley at the starboard rear (all the hull pass valves are ¼ of plastic tower).

Bustle integrated into the hull.

Anodes: 1 on the propeller tip, 2 rosettes on the bustle.

4 - Rigging

Type: Cutter

Mast: Francespar raw aluminum sandblasted in 2012 with 3 floors of spreaders + Frederiksen ball trolley.

Boom: Francespar raw aluminum sandblasted in 2012 with edge and 3 risers + hale low double hoist 2013.

2 sandblasted aluminum outriggers in 2012: Francespar bells, Andersen trolley and hook Harken and Barbarossa.

Standing rigging: Soromap 2012 monotoron stainless steel cables installed in 2013.

Cadenes welded on the bridge. Stainless steel insert at the shaft passages 2012.

5 - Sails

Grand'voile: Magnusson a bottom sweet and three ris 55 m2.

Lazy bag 2012.

Genoa (Yankee): Tahiti Sails 66 m2 2018.

Genoa (Yankee): Magnusson 66 m2.

Snowshoe: Magnusson 27 m2.

Gennaker: TechniVoile in sock 183 m2

Genoa reel: Profurl 52 revised in 2012.

Down stay reel: Profurl 42 revised in 2012.

6 - Bridge and deck hardware

Non-slip painted aluminum bridge Kiwigrip 2012 on Intergard 269 primer.

1 stainless steel front balcony, 2 stainless steel mast balconies, 2 half aluminum rear balconies, all from 2012.

6 stainless steel handrails on each edge + 2 doubles (lateral passages with opening of the rails).

Lifelines in stainless steel cable 4mm 2012.

3 handrails in aluminum tube welded on roof and wheelhouse 2012.

Mooring cleats: 6 welded aluminum + 1 towing bollard / mooring 2012.

Delphinière redone in 2012 with 4 rolls of davit. Aluminum bow fitting welded to the hull, extension of the davit and solder cheeks.

1 anchor Rocna 40kg + 100 m chain 12mm of 2012 regalvanized in 2017.

Windlass: Lofrans Falkon 1500W 24V 2012 (electric box including control box Lofrans CB0001524, bipolar circuit breaker Shneider 63A and Quick HRC remote control 1002 of 2014 in anchor box).

Anchorage lock located on the front of the front trunk. Safe front box (crash box) with 2 empty quickly, also contains hawsers of the jerricans and the Gennaker.

2 dorades under mast coach roof 2012.

Aluminum collar for passage of mast cables 2012.

Stainless steel fitting and cap for chimney diesel stove on roof 2012.

Strapped survival on teak racks on the roof 2012.

20 opening hatches: 10 Goïot (2 x 61.61 anchor locker and forward cabin, 2 x 50.37 starboard aft cabin and galley, 2 x 50.37 aft port bathroom, 2 x 48.48 front wheelhouse, 2 x 48.36 rear wheelhouse); 8 Lewmar (2 x 50.50 bathroom forward, 2 x 50.50 port and starboard mid cabin, 2 x 50.50 square roof top, 2 x 48.48 square forward roof); 2 Gebo hoods (30.12 under cockpit seating to provide ventilation to the starboard aft cabin).

The Plexiglas are new in 2012 and the covers are new or have been renovated in 2012 (new seals, new handles and new Plexiglas).

10 Plexiglass fixed 15mm new 2017: 2 on the front of the coachroof and 2 on each side of the coachroof;

2 on the front of the wheelhouse and 1 on each side of the wheelhouse.

Rear wheelhouse door, 2 aluminum guides in the lower part, bonnet with double glazing slipping into the wheelhouse roof housing in the upper part of 2012.

Crew access, workshop and engine room included in the same volume and accessible by three exterior openings and 5 interior openings:

- Aluminum access hatch at the cockpit floor above the group and the engine built in 2012;

- Aluminum tilting access hatch to port giving access to the forepeak (workshop + engine + group) made in 2012;

- Tilting aluminum rear access hatch giving access to the forepeak (bar system + diving compressor + emergency anchorage) made in 2012;

- 2 access hatches to the engine from the square on each side of the descent;

- removable descent for better access to the engine;

- 1 engine access hatch from the starboard aft cabin;

- 1 engine access hatch from the port aft bathroom.

Insulation Sound insulation foam 30mm thick (4 layers) 2013.

2 dorades aluminum allow to ventilate this volume, the dorade port is connected on a electric fan Jabsco 35760-0094 24V 7m3 / min continuous operation of 2012.

Cockpit seating teak battens on 2012 bench. Cockpit cushions 2012.

2012 teak removable cockpit table (foot type ironing board in aluminum tube).

Table storage support located along the starboard die or above the group.

Removable bench in teak side down for sitting around the table made in 2012, storage in the trunk along the group.

Hood / bimini cover positioned between the wheelhouse and the rear gantry of 2017.

Large tarp in2017.

Waterproof storage box aluminum opening chest (housing gas 2x13kg and 10 fenders) 2012.

hand shower 2012.

2012 Stern Davit.

Ladder of aluminum baths folding on the skirt 2012.

Aluminum rear arch antenna support (GPS, AIS, Iridium, TV) and support of 4 solar panels (2x180W of 2012 + 2x200W of 2014). The hoop also allows the lift of the annex.

9 Lewmar winches refurbished in 2012: 2 Mast Foot winches (48 ST 2 speeds), 1 Mast for reefing (43 2 ST speeds), 2 winches for SGS listening and GV trolley on wheelhouse partition (46 2 ST speeds), 4 winches in the cockpit (1 winch 66 2-speed ST and 1 winch 52 2-speed ST on each edge).

1 GV track on the roof in front of the wheelhouse. GV listening system with trolley + 5 pulleys.

2 genoa sheet rails with a swallow + 1 rail pulley attachment.

2 staysail tracks with a swallow + 1 fixing pulley by rail.

6 Lewmar pulleys at the bottom of the mast for the return of the halyards on the mast winches (the windlass can be used as an electric winch).

4 Antal blockers and 2 Spinlock double blockers on the mast.

1 Spinlock double blocks at the mast base for drifting maneuvers.

2 Spinlock double blocks on the wheelhouse side for trolley and GV listening.

2 flat double deck pulleys for GV carriage return on the roof in front of the wheelhouse.

2 Antal block in the cockpit for runners.

1 double block with double flat return pulley for the reels.

5 rings of double friction fixed on port side candlestick for reefs.

2 large double flat deck return pulleys for genoa and staysail.

1 extra Barbarossa block on the side of the reefs on the port side.

1 Antal lock + 3 return pulleys for auxiliary lifting.

The blocks and pulleys are from 2012 or renovated in 2012.

7 - Steering gear

1 turret in telescopic aluminum tube 3 positions 2012.

1 aluminum tube emergency bar located on the heads of locks and maneuverable by 2012 hoists.

False wick aluminum transmission cardans (bi-saffron) 2012.

2 suspended rudders, modification of the compensation in 2012 after consultation with the firm Briand and complete paint treatment after Sandblasting Interprime, Interprotect and Trilux (not Inversalu because coated after the compensation). Rings + joints (tauric 2x2 + 2x2 joints Jefa PUR120150) changed in 2014.

Autopilot 2012 with Lecomble & Schmitt hydraulic cylinder (VHM60DT cylinder, 24V PV3 pump, Atos SP-COU-24DC / 80 solenoid valve on DHU 071020 + manual bypass valve), Simrad electronics (AP24 with AC42 calculator, RF300 feedback and RC42 housing compass in large square file).

8 - Engine

Engine: Yanmar

Type: 4JH3-DTE

Serial No .: E30304

Power: 125 HP

Year: 2002 according to former owner and bill of sale.

5375 hours since refurbishment in 2012 (the engine was de-feathered and dismantled as part of a complete renovation in 2012) about 1,000 hours before (after previous owner).

Injection pump, injectors and cylinder head gasket + complete professional overhaul at 4160 hours in February 2018.

Consumption 6 l / h at 2000 rpm for 7.5 - 6.5 kts depending on the state of the sea is more than 1200 minutes of engine autonomy.

Parker Racor 500FG diesel filter pre-filter 2012.

Marco UP1-N 24V 35l / min diesel transfer pump for priming the engine or group and filling the tank with heating or transfer from one tank to another with clarinet in the workshop 2012.

Single lever control Teleflex marine side mounting for sailing boats 2012.

Waterlock Vetus LSS50 2012.

Silent blocks: R & D Marine 2015.

Shaft brake (disc and caliper motor) on flexible coupling R & D Marine 910-012 of 2015 master cylinder (car + pressurizing screw) and pressure gauge next to the engine panel.

PSS Joint 2012.

2 rings hydrolub entry and exit of tree 2014.

Shaft line: stainless steel 40 mm 2014 + cut orin.

Helix: MaxProp with three-tone bronze flagstones with steeply oriented warhead 550 mm pitch 18 °, ie 335 mm.

Engine panel and Vetus MP34 2012 engine beam.

Remote electrical cabinet with insulation relays and motor harness connections 2012.

Alternators: 1 x 12V 55A Hitachi - 1 x 24V 60A Valeo (+1 spare 24V same).

Starter motor battery Alphaline 12V 130Ah 2012 in a stratified aluminum tray, under foot cabin starboard with battery generator start and charger 220V / 12V Victron Blue Power 25A 3 outputs for engine batteries and generator.

Bipolar disconnector of the engine and generator batteries and coupling of the engine / generator batteries in small cupboard above foot cabin rear Tribord closer to the batteries.

Leakage tester 12V LED in aft for engine and group.

9 - Generator

Group Cumins Onan under cockpit in the locker behind the door of the bathroom aft starboard.

Type: 11MDKBN-5873F

Serial no .: A100084365

Power: 11kVA 50Hz

Installed 2012.

Parker Racor 500FG gas oil pre-filter.

Battery Speedmate 12V 90Ah starting 2017

3400 hours since installation.

10 - Interior fittings

Furnishings and upholstery completely redone in 2012 in White Plated Plywood (CPM) 15 mm white laminate, CPM white lacquered floors, laminated CPM floors (Pear Expresso, dark), high-end finishes (angles, door lathes, closet door lathes) and tables) varnished teak and push buttons for opening cupboards.

9 Skyscreen Oceanair mosquito screens on the sunroofs.

6 Hella 24V Turbo black fans, 2 speeds, 1 per cabin + 2 in the saloon.

LED ceiling light G4 and many G4 LED reading lights.

Many 220V outlets.

Hansgroe mixer tap (water saving mixer), hot and cold water under pressure.

- Wheelhouse

Map table located in the wheelhouse with 2 integrated seats and 2 worktops on each side of the painted aluminum descent (with 2 storage boxes under the seats) and gathering all the electronics.

A step up door to avoid the invasion of water between the cockpit and the wheelhouse. Non-slip painted aluminum wheelhouse and painted aluminum worktop.

2 reading lights on each side (1 white and 1 red), 3 control switches (1 for skirt lighting, 1 for cockpit lighting and 1 for road compasses).

2 Bose speakers for outdoors.

2 220V outlets on each side.

Storage in varnished teak.

Descent in varnished teak 3 steps of the wheelhouse squared.

2 handrails in varnished teak.

- Salon

Very large central salon. Well ventilated and bright with 5 portholes and 6 double glazing.

2 seating areas:

- large U-shaped bench on the port side (plenty of storage space in the bench and backs) with large teak table (storage in table legs), large three-piece bookcase, hi-fi cupboard, SAMSUNG flat screen, DVD player, radio / DVD player CD / USB / Bluetooth Pioneer DEH4400-BT, 5 outlets 220V with switch, 2 Bose speakers, 1 closet, 2 lights controlled by a switch, 2 reading lights, 1 fan, 2 220V sockets under the table, 3 Tectona teak folding stools .

- Small U-shaped bench to starboard (plenty of storage in the bench) with small teak table. 1 ceiling lamp controlled by a switch, 2 reading lights, 1 double cupboard (included 2 220V plugs), 2 220V plugs under the table, electrical panel, fan (orientable the same as the kitchen).

Reflex 60MK 2012 gas stove with hotplate and 50L tank behind back small square table.

Second 2kW forced air diesel heater with one outlet in each cabin before 2019.

- Galley

Galley to starboard behind the small seat of the square and open on the square.

1 double stainless steel sink, 1 Brandt 220V stainless steel oven, 1 gas stove with 1 oven and 2 ENO ONE stainless steel on cardan shafts (the kitchen porthole is above the plates), 2 burners induction plate Brandt 220V, fridge Electrolux ERT16002W8 220 V worktop, freezer Electrolux ECN1156 220V under worktop, 8 cupboards, 3 drawers, 4 ceiling lights controlled by a switch, 1 fan (orientable the same as the small seat of the square), 2 220V outlets on the plan of work, 1 220V socket in the cupboard under, worktop in Corian.

Central circulation between the kitchen and the two areas of the square with 3 ceiling lights controlled by a switch. Numerous storage in the floors with key ¼ turn.

- 4 double cabins

1 double starboard aft cabin with 1 wardrobe, 3 cupboards (1 mirror on the inside of a closet door), 2 equipped, 2 ceiling lights controlled by a switch, 2 reading lights, 1 fan, 1 220V socket in starboard equipped, 3 opening (1 on the roof side and 2 small under cockpit seats).

2 double cabins in the middle of each side of the drift with 1 bunk bed (small bed for child or storage). Each with 2 closets (mirror on the inside of a cupboard door), 1 equipped, 2 ceiling lights controlled by a switch, 2 reading lights, 1 fan, 1 220V plug in equipped, 1 opening and a large storage space under the beds . The starboard cabin has 1 large wardrobe.

1 double cabin in the front with Breton bed and bunk bed (for an adult or child or storage), 2 closets (1 mirror on the inside of a cupboard door), 1 wardrobe, 2 equipped, 2 ceiling lights controlled by a switch, 3 reading lights, 1 fan, 1 socket 220V in equipped starboard, 1 opening and a large storage space under the bed.

Traffic to the forward cabin is via the port cabin and the front bathroom.

- 2 bathrooms

Bathrooms (1 in the front and 1 in the port side) incorporating WC Jabsco compact manual 29090-3000 (rear toilet with Jabsco electric conversion kit 29200-0240) 2017, 1 washbasin, 1 fully laminated shower enclosure and separated by a glass door, 2 ceiling lights (including 1 waterproof in the shower) controlled by a switch, 1 220 V socket, 3 cupboards, 1 control switch for drain pump (Jabsco 37202-2024 13 l / min 2017) gray water tray (welded plastic that collects water from the shower and sink), 1 mirror above the sink, 1 mirror on the door, 2 opening (1 in the shower and 1 in the WC area /bathroom sink).

1 washing machine 8 Kg in the bathroom before brand LG type FM1071D6 (2016).

- Workshop

1 workshop located on the port side with 1 bench, 1 vice, 1 drum, 2 220V sockets, 1 reading lamp and large storage volume.

11 - Plumbing, Electricity, Electronics and Equipment (2012)

- Plumbing

Plumbing in PER 16mm.

1 Jabsco PAR-MAX 5 pressurized water pump 18.2 l / min 2017 with Jabsco 36200-0000 filter and Jabsco ACCUMULATOR TANK 30573-0000 balloon.

1 water heater 75 L Isotemp Indel Webasto 607531BD00000 double cooling (engine / group) + 220V 750W under starboard rear berth.

1 desalinator HRO 200L / H model H1212101160 double membrane reconditioned in 2012 without electronics and new motors of low pressure pump (EMG 0.37KW) and high pressure (EMG 1.5 KW) 220V under the workbench of the workshop. Commissioning 2013. 3-way valve under the large square table for filling tanks and drinking water bottles. New membranes December 2017.

- Electricity

Electrical wiring with cable H07RNF.

Servo batteries: 24V 450Ah (8x6V Trojan T105 225Ah 2017) under the mid starboard berth in laminated aluminum bin. Bipolar disconnector in the same place as close to the batteries.

DC link box Victron in the same place as close as possible to battery for servitude battery connection, 24V motor alternator, windlass, Victron Quattro, Victron battery monitor, 24V panel.

Electric board above the small square starboard behind 2 doors Plexiglas key:

A bipolar circuit breaker line for the 24V, a bipolar circuit breaker line for the 220V (2 circuits with differential: 1 with group or platform, 1 on converter). Legrand circuit breaker and differential. Charger-converter control, Victron BMV 600S battery monitor, Shneider 60A ammeter, 3-position Legrand switch (dock / group / cut), 24V LED leak tester for servitudes.

Charger / Converter Victron Quattro 24/5000; 5000 W located behind the electrical panel. Victron MK2 / USB interface for configuration on PC and digital control panel multicontrol on the front panel.

Blue Solar MPPT40A regulator for solar panels connected to the Quattro behind the small seat of the square.

Battery switch: 4 with handle including 1 coupling (bipolar servitudes, bipolar motor, bipolar group, motor coupling / unipolar group).

Aqua Signal SNP navigation lights 5xxxx, 1 red and 1 green on the front balcony, 1 stern light on solar panels, 1 headlight, 1 head light and 1 deck light all in LED and controlled from the electrical panel .

1 removable headlight for navigation in the channels fed from the casket of the windlass.

- Electronics

In the wheelhouse:

1 computer with LG 19 inch 12V display visible from the bar with OPEN CPN navigation software and CM93 navigation board among others.

The AP24 interface of the Simrad pilot.

2 Triton B & G screens for the wind vane / anemometer 508 Wind Sensor (located at the masthead) and the DST200 fishfinder / loch (located under the front bathroom floor, 70 cm below the waterline).

GPS 2017 Furuno GP39.

Furuno M1623 radar with radom between the 1st and 2nd floor of the spreader.

VHF SIMRAD RS10 with antenna at the top of the mast.

VHF ICOM ICM35 on base power supply.

Iridium Motorola 9555 connected to the PC with Skyfile interface for Grib weather and Email.

Epson Stylus SX535WD printer / copier / scanner.

Barometer recorder type NAUDET.

2 Silva 102 B / H road compass with red illumination on the outer wall of the wheelhouse.

In the workshop :

AIS Digital AIT2000 Class A AIS connected to PC with GPS and VHF antennas on hoop.

Glomex RA201 radio splitter for VHF / AM-FM.

AC42 autopilot computer.

Alfatronix DD24-12 168 24/12 V 14 A converter.

Simrad bus connections and B & G bus.

- Security equipment

Inspection Bureau Veritas (23/09/2013 Marseille and 29/04/2014 Panama) for Trade Registration in Mauritius category 2 under 16 people based on the (UK) MGN 280 (M) standard.

Liferaft Bombard 10 seater Offshore ISO9650-1 (10/2015).

2 horseshoe buoys and 1 perch.

Distress flares: 4 parachute rockets (05/2016), 6 red hand rockets (05/2016 and 08/2017), 2 smoke bombs (05/2016)

10 lifejackets (BS EN 396 - 150MN) with bobèche (06/2018) + 4 children.

2 2 kg powder fire extinguishers under each seat of the wheelhouse (31/12/2016).

1 fire cover under starboard seat of the wheelhouse.

10 survival blankets.

1 foghorn.

Bilge pumps: 1 Plastimo 1038C manual pump in the cockpit, 2 Rule2000 automatic pumps with Jabsco Hydroair for triggering and forcing switch (1 in the bottom of the engine caliper and 1 at the rear foot of the drift well).

- Gas equipment

3 bottles of 13kg and regulator / distributor in the trunk of the skirt. 1 safety regulator in the wardrobe of the starboard aft cabin. Copper pipe sheathed between the two regulators and a hose (2017) between the wardrobe of the starboard aft cabin and the ENO stove in the kitchen.

A gas Weber BBQ on the 2018 rear balcony.

Moorings secondary: 1 anchor Delta 25kg 2012 + 30m + 10m chain 12mm.

- Miscellaneous equipment

1 annex Highfield CL360, semi rigid Aluminum Hypalon of 3.60 m of 2015.

2 outboard motors: 1 Yamaha 15CV E15CMH engine of 2000 and 1 Yamaha 30HMH 30CV engine of 2015.

1 Bauer Mariner M3E dive compressor from 1986 N ° 525-4547 / 3/5 0.19m3 / min revised by a Bauer agent approved in 2012, electric motor drive with dimmer / Siemens SIRIUS 3RW302 soft start on the unit (Leroy Somer engine 4kW 230V from 2012 commissioned summer 2013).

3 Scubapro 12 L Scubapro short steel dive blocks revised and repainted in 2013.

4 BCD Scubapro and 3 Octopus.

2 Aqua Aqua Inflatable SUP 2016.

1 kayak Surge Mission 3 places of 2015.

1 windsurfing Fanatic Shark, 2 masts, 2 wishbones, 3 sails of 2012.

1 kite surf 2017.


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