Candela Seven 2021 $412,675.00 CAD

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$412,675.00 CAD
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The world's first hydrofoiling electric production boat is now available to Canadian boaters!

You should stop reading right now and go click on the video below as we believe you haven't often seen a boat like this.  

Cool isn't it?

Actually, there have been hydrofoiling boats designs over the years.  But, they have always been incredibly hard to operate as you have to manage each of the hydrofoils while also steering the boat.

Not anymore because the Candela has a flight control system on board that automatically manages the hydrofoils and does things like banks the boat into a turn.

The hull of the Candela Seven is born from fighter jet and airplane design.  The Candela Seven is extremely light, while still highly impact resistant. because the hull, deck & deck parts are carefully crafted from 100% carbon fiber.  And, a large percentage of the components are made in-house at the Candela factory in Sweden meaning high-quality parts and assembly.

In addition to it's ability to hydrofoil, this boat is zero-emission, super-quiet and low-maintenance because it is electric. We imagine an electric, hydrofoiling boat is something you haven't experienced and so here is what you can expect:


By hydrofoiling, the Candela Seven skips waves that other boats inevitably will slam against.


Hydrofoils together with electric propulsion is a dream come true. Enjoy zero-emissions boating


By using a clean and efficient electric motor and flying above the surface, the Candela Seven runs significantly quieter than comparable boats. Save your voice and talk easily with your passengers at high speeds.


100% electric, the Candela Seven can be recharged at your dock over night and consumes less than 15 Canadian cents per nautical mile in electricity.


The hydrofoils retract making it possible to trailer the Candela Seven and take it anywhere.  


* At slow speeds, there is a shallow draft mode of 1 foot 3 inches in which the hydrofoils are retracted and the motor is raised up
* Trailerable mode, in which the engine is tilted back and the hydrofoils are retracted
* Hydrofoiling mode in which the motor and the hydrofoils extend 3'11" below the water until it hydrofoils and then the motor and hydrofoils are at most 1 foot 3 inches deep


  • A large straight foil close to the center of gravity and a small T-foil in the aft
  • Foils are retractable for trailing and storage
  • Shallow water mode for depths of 50 cm
  • Height, roll and pitch are controlled automatically by changing foil positions at 100 Hz
  • Take-offs and landings are fully automated

Navigation & Driving

  • Integrated 12 inch multi touch screen for navigation, speed, consumption data and control of navigation lights & bilge pumps
  • Sea charts included
  • 2 x Bowers & Wilkins Marine 6 waterproof speakers, and integrated Bluetooth streaming


  • 110V/30A standard shore charging. Approximately 12 h for a full charge.
  • 3-phase and DC charging on request 
  • 8 years capacity warranty on battery - replaced if capacity drops below 80%


  • Always connected to the cloud via 3G network
  • High frequency data logging for enhanced support and fleet learning
  • Remote software updates
  • App showing charging status, boat position, data logs, and geofence options
  • Text message notifications for theft warning and charge status change
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