Zodiac Boats Cadet 2016 $1,780.00 CAD

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$1,780.00 CAD
2016 Zodiac Boats Classic Mark I Available in Solid and Aluminium The product of over 70 years of experience, the CLASSIC retains all the qualities that built ZODIAC’s™ reputation: safety, stability and strength. Very easy to manoeuvre, it also has generous seating. Thanks to its inflatable hull and buoyancy tube, performance is optimised, planing is rapid and stability improved. In the boot or on the roof of your car, you can take the CLASSIC anywhere. It can also be set up or put away in just a few simple steps. High quality that will appeal to fishermen and pleasure trip fans alike. It’s the ideal first boat. Features may include: HULL Quick-fit aluminiutm floor with tie-down rail system Inflatable hull Aluminium motor mounting plate 2 bailers Strongan™ Duotex™ 2 x 1100 decitex fabric Easy Push valves Polyamid lacing cuff + safety grab lines Wide anti-chafing deflector strip 1 bow handle 4 carrying handles 2 stainless steel tow rings Cone reinforcers FABRIC PVC thermobonded STANDARD EQUIPMENT Removable bow bag Fittings for remote steering bar Fittings for launching wheels Mast and pennant 2 carrying bags 2 paddles Foot pump 1 pressure gauge Repair kits Owner’s manual
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