Weldcraft 20 Angler XT 2022

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Weldcraft has created the first ever, 20-footer with super comfy seating for six. The roomy 20' angler is now even larger, with an outback outboard bracket and bottom extension to move the motor mount nearly 2 feet further back. A comfortable bench seat spans the entire width of the transom and can easily fit several passengers. Underneath the bench is even more storage and convenient access to battery and bilge area. The hull is performance-focused, built on weldcraft's proven, reverse chine design which enhances the distinctive "sports car" handling. It also ensures a safe and comfortable ride by increasing planing efficiency and stability high speed turns. Standard features include a convertible top, removable side curtains, swivel/folding captain's seat, extended swim platformand a lengthy list of additional items. And new for 2021 is an optional in floor fishing rod storage to stow all your prized possessions. Hull designs are a carefully engineered balance of performance, speed, stability, handling, fuel economy and comfort. They are specialized to provide optimal performance in varying water conditions. Understanding how a hull’s shape is constructed is a critical factor in selecting the boat that will best fit your needs. A key factor to understand is “deadrise.” Deadrise is a measurement of the degree of angle between two surfaces. A boat’s deadrise is the amount of angle that forms between the boat bottom and a horizontal plane on either side of center keel. The deadrise angle is the least (meaning flattest) at the transom and gradually increases (more vee) as the bottom goes forward and then increases at a greater rate at the bow. Misleading Measurements Most manufacturers list only a single deadrise measurement. This can be very misleading as the exact point at which the measurement is taken can vary dramatically from model to model. Occassionally, a manufacturer will only provide the highest (steepest) deadrise measurement, which most often occurs at the furthest point forward on the bow. This measurement point is misleading as it is above the waterline and would only have an effect on performance in extreme conditions. Weldcraft Measurements At Weldcraft, we provide three critical points of measurement so you have a complete picture of how the hull is designed to perform in various conditions. Generally speaking, deadrise is an indicator of a boat’s capability to handle rough water, shallow water, overall performance and the softness of the ride. Look for unique “deadrise defined” measurements clearly listed for every model throughout our brochures and websites.
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