Helix HX25 2022 $259,900.00 CAD *

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$259,900.00 CAD *
Hull's Still available for 2022!!! Custom order yours today! Helix is the most customizable wake boat on the market over the big 3 Brands

Performance & Style Customization

In addition to standard performance customization like motors, pumps, and batteries. Helix offers a tremendous amount of design customization such as wraps, flooring, speakers, lights, and more.

Hull Design

The Helix hull design on both of the models is sleek, stylish, and efficient. You'll enjoy great gas mileage, a smoother ride, and a driving experience that will give a luxurious feel. 

Ballast System

With Helix you no longer need to be on the coast to catch big waves. Due to the unique shape of the Helix hull, customers are able to add nearly 7,000 lbs of ballast. Adding this much weight to the boat makes the wake feel like you are surfing the biggest swells off the coast of your dreams.  Using the heads up monitor display you are able to customize the shape, size, and ride for all different experience levels of  surfers.

Customer Experience

You'll get to work directly with our experienced design team who will help you build the boat of your dreams.

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