Yamaha GP1800R SVHO with Audio 2022

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2022 Yamaha Waverunners GP1800R SVHO with Audio The Yamaha GP1800R SVHO is the quickest, fastest, most precise handling WaveRunner that Yamaha has ever designed. A legend in professional watercraft racing, the GP1800R SVHO is ready for any race and comes with the option to buy factory-installed marine speakers to keep the tunes going all day long. Features may include: CONNEXT HELM CONTROL The GP1800R SVHO comes with Yamaha’s 4.3-inch Connext helm control with a multi-colour LCD display. A touchpad control that is mounted next to the steering column provides convenient access to the Connext system’s many functions. INDUSTRY FIRST AUTO TRIM Auto Trim works independently from the electric trim control on the handlebars. When engaged, Cornering Control automatically shifts the trim for tighter cornering and a racy feel. Launch Control automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow rise when accelerating quickly. These functions happen automatically to bring new levels of handling and performance. DECK DESIGN The GP1800R SVHO's deck design delivers improved ergonomics with deeper, wider, self-draining footwells and a seat profile that is 1.5 inches narrower. This new seat design improves knee grip and overall comfort, especially when charging into tight corners. The GP1800R SVHO is powered by Yamaha's 1.8L, supercharged Super Vortex High Output Marine engine that is the most technologically advanced engine ever designed for a personal watercraft, delivering more power and torque than any engine ever in a Yamaha WaveRunner personal watercraft. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): Four electronically controlled fuel injectors, throttle position sensor (TPS) and intake air pressure and air temperature sensors supply the optimum air/fuel mixture. The results are a smooth, high power output with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Specially Designed, One-piece Cylinder and Crankcase Assembly: Provides tremendous engine rigidity that's lighter and stiffer than two-piece designs.
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