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These are the huge and graceful inboard (and usually diesel) powered fly bridge yachts from mid-thirties feet up to sixty or more feet easily recognized by their long flattish foredecks with pronounced bow flare to handle large ocean swells and a stepped deck line leading back to a large open and clear cockpit large enough to handle a landed tuna or large billfish.

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They also sport massive side and downriggers and often a stainless or aluminum tower (called a tuna tower) above the fly bridge to allow better sighting of offshore schools of fish. Large horsepower give these boats the ability to get out to the shoals or reefs or drop-offs fast and to beat an incoming storm back to a safe haven. These boats generally have no indoor helms but are controlled solely from the fly bridge, or the tuna tower if so equipped, plus often from a secondary control center right in the cockpit to allow close-up control to help avoid tangling of lines when landing the big ones. There are very few dealers for these sport fishing yachts in Canada.

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