Tournament / Professional Waterski and Wakeboard Towboats 

These are the boats that are specifically designed to produce exactly the right size, height, length and amount of curl, surface turbulence, etc. of the boat’s wake that is desired to assist in the execution of specific elements of the two sports such as slalom, trick, jumping, or show skiing or specific wakeboard moves.

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Since advanced waterskiing and wakeboarding require quite different wakes behind the boat to assist a specific activity, trick, or move, some of these towboats are designed to produce exactly that right wake and become very activity specific while others are of a more general nature. How specific you are or want to be and how good you are or want to be will determine how specific you want to choose the right boat for your purpose – be that more general or more specific. Most dealers of these boats will have experts on staff who can assist you in choosing the right boat for the introductory or advanced level and type of activity you want to pursue. Tournament / Professional Waterski and Wakeboard towboats generally range from about eighteen to about twenty-five feet in length and are properly outfitted for the specific sport for which they are intended.

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