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Annoncez votre inventaire complet sur notre site afin de montrer aux acheteurs ce que vous avez en stock avant qu'ils viennent vous visitez. Cela réduira le nombre d’acheteurs moins sérieux et vous économiseras plus de temps. Il n’y a aucun autre site qui vous offres autant de ventes potentielles a un si bas prix que BoatDealers.ca, donc devenez un membre aujourd’hui.

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Voici ce que l'industrie a à dire:

"The bottom line for me is...your product works well, it is recognised well by search engines, it is priced where it should be for the market and it delivers results where traditional mediums are flat."

Carly Poole - Marketing, Buckeye Marine

"They are always at the forefront of technology in online marketing and make their dealers needs paramount while trying to further the industry as a whole."

Sean Horsfall - Operations Manager VP, Len's Cove Marina

"I’ve been using the services of Boatdealers.ca for several years and have been very pleased with the results. The recent upgrades to the website are impressive and although the functionality of the website has always been good, the recent improvements will make the site even more user friendly, both from a subscriber’s perspective and to the general public as well. I look forward to working with Chris and his team as they continue their ongoing development of Boatdealers.ca."

Mike Burns - President, North South Nautical Group Inc.

"We've been using Boatdealers.ca for over two years now. We have found this site delivers quality leads, specifically on recent model trade ins. Revenue earned from just one large dollar brokerage sale pays for a season of exposure on this site and we've been able to consistently track results."

Scott MacCrimmon - Co-owner Ed Huck Marine

"Chris, just a quick note on the service that you are currently providing Georges Marine & Sports. As you are most likely aware, internet selling is fast becoming a preferred method of information gathering by consumers and your web site gives us an additional link to those prospective consumers. By using the internet and directing the leads through our lead management system we are better able to handle requests and follow ups like never before. In addition to the fact that we are a Canadian dealer, being associated with a Canadian site ensures that we have a greater chance of closing our leads due to the geography of our consumers. Keep up the good work"

Jeff Wilcox - Georges Marine & Sports


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