2016 Princecraft Platinum SE 227

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Boat Review by: Matt Spencer

princecraft se 227 running

As a kid I dreamt about being a professional fisherman. I wish I had the sweetest, most awesome fishing boat out there. While my dreams of being on the pro fishing tour didn’t pan out I think I might have turned out alright because I still get to test drive some of the nicest fishing boats on the market today ­one of which being the 2016 Princecraft Platinum SE 227.

The 227 is an expansion of their popular Platinum line of high end fishing boats thanks to lots of requests from dealers and customers for a 22 foot platform, as previously their largest in the lineup was the 207.

The Platinum SE line is Princecraft’s flagship line of high end fishing boats that leave no feature left out and no detail overlooked. For those who want the best of the best with the most discriminating of tastes than this is the line for you. I always compare this line of boats to a high end luxury automobile and they never disappoint in holding up that comparison.

It all starts with stepping into the boat from the extra wide gunnels onto the safe and secure casting deck and into the deep hull of the 227. These are big water fishing boats that back down from nothing that the weather can throw at you thanks to the ultra deep hull sides. Since they are so deep and wide you will find storage in these areas and they’re finished with the same dark grey and tan vinyl that the seats are upholstered in.

Back to the rear casting deck you will find two jump seats that fold up easily from the deck. When folded down they are flush with the deck and fully supported so there is no dipping in the wood in those areas, ­ it’s built to last. There is a seat base, cup holders and a ski pole mount for when it’s time for a little fun. But not to be overlooked is the 34 inch, 17­US gallon livewell. If the fish are biting and you don’t want to head in yet mother nature has called, there is also a change area under the port side flip up seat where you can get an optional chemical toilet with holding tank.

Moving forward there is in floor storage that will hold up to 12 rods. Moving towards the consoles you will be greeted by two impressive, high back captain’s chairs that are also heated. Fishermen head out in some of the worst conditions so why not have a little creature comforts to make it worth the trip? Afterall, this is a high end automobile. The wheel tilts, there’s Mercury SmartCraft gauges along with a flush mounted Raymarine touch screen graph. Fishermen love their technology so there is still room to mount more graphs using brackets above the gauge cluster. Throttle controls are right at hand and you can easily access the kicker controls. My only issue is that the chairs might be too nice, as they make passing up into the bow a little awkward but I would sacrifice that for those heated seats any day of the week.

What I have always liked about the Platinum SE line up is that even though it is a serious fishing boat, Princecraft also knows it’s just a great all around family boat. Where I am going with this is up in the bow you can get optional cushions for the kids (or kid at heart) to sit but there’s also padded back rests and cup holders. You don’t have to be one thing, in this boating world you can be both.

It is first and foremost a fishing machine so there is a massive 44”, 20­US gallon livewell complete with removable bait bucket. There’s more storage in the bow along with an trolling motor plug ins, trim and battery switches and an anchor roller.

I have tested many Platinums and my favourite part of the test is the on water portion. Much like high end automobiles, the Platinum SE line up is a driver’s boat. They’re fuelled for performance and Princecraft loves to showcase their boats with the max horsepower to show how they truely can run. On that note, remember this is a new boat for 2016, it’s bigger so that means it can handle more in terms of power. The little brother of this boat, the 207 is rated for a 250 while this my friends had a max rating for a 350 which we just happened to have. One of my favourite things about the Mercury Verado is the push button start right on the throttle. Directly under the trim switch is the start button and you press it and the Verado fires to life. It then settles into a quiet idle that’s very smooth. Shifting into gear and idling away from the dock the motor has a slight high pitch whine to it, similar to a Ferrari. It’s like it’s saying “unleash me!” so that’s why I did.

The 22­foot boat sprung to life and I immediately gripped the wheel a little tighter. I trimmed up a bit until I could see the water spray start to drop off behind me and next thing you know we’re sitting at 38 mph at 4000 rpm. Having a fast fishing boat is the difference between winning a tournament and losing it. The horsepower pays for itself in first place finishes.

The Platinum SE 227 didn’t disappoint. The twin plating of the H­36 aluminum and the finish inside meant the ride was whisper quiet. I could easily have a conversation with the person beside me and the Verado added perfect addition with its high performance pulse. The Platinum SE line up of Princecraft Boats is already a hit and since this boat was added by popular demand, I can see them doing even better in the future.

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Length: 22' 6.7 m
Beam: 100" 2.5 m
Dry weight: 2017 lbs 915 kg
Draft: 34" 86 cm
Fuel Capacity: 59 US gals 227 L
Base Engine / Drive: Mercury 200hp
Engine HP: 350
Fuel Type: Gas
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