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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


When the development team at Regal committed to create the LS6 they began by listening earnestly to the voice of their customers and then took the time to explore all that their top competitors had to offer. Armed with these two fundamentals and backed by close to 50 years of crafting some of the finest boats on the water, the Regal LS6 was born.

At rest the LS6 is a striking watercraft. The forward facing Power Tower pulls your visual attention and awakens your internal sense of excitement. As you get closer you realize the clean hull side lines, beautifully accented by the gel coat (no decals here folks) boot stripe and the soft curves of the hull/deck marriage are a perfect combination. The windshield screams for extended seasons and then we set our sights on the incredible craftsmanship that defines Regal’s stunning interiors.

I typically prefer to begin boat tests dockside taking time to meticulously review each consumer benefit from stern to bow and port to starboard before heading out to open waters. For a variety of reasons we switched that up and headed to open water first – what a great move that was and we completed our reviews on gentle rolling waters.

Beginning at the transom we took a few moments to appreciate all that the LS6 has to offer for family moments. The dual multi-position (4 easy to adjust positions) UltraLounges offer lots of seating and sun bathing options and a pair of rumble seats add additional options for joining in on the action. The low to the water swim platform was optioned up with the power platform and this easy to use option certainly makes for simple re-boarding for all guests. As an owner I truly appreciated the transom walk thru layout (with a flush mounted stainless pop up ski tow) not only does this offer safe and easy cockpit access it also keeps wet feet off the upholstery.

The immediate highlight of the cockpit is how spacious it is with an incredible amount of seating. For me it is the attention to detail of the upholstery. There is diamond stitching everywhere, the piping is flawless, the multi-colour and multi texture vinyl is stunning and the overall quality of the craftsmanship earns top marks in my books. Regal calls the LS6 interior ‘Edge to Edge Seating’, I call it tons of room with an endless array of seating options. Want to face forward across from the double wide helm seat? Done. Want to adjust the helm or passenger backrest so you can follow the transom action? Done. Looking to snuggle up with one of the kids or special someone on the generous cockpit loungers? No problem. Regal’s ‘Social Seating’ layout does it all with confidence and quality.

Storage is beyond generous and all RTM – Resin Transfer Molded fiberglass hatches are nicely finished inside and out and feature a sturdy gas assisted ram for great strength. The standard blue cockpit lighting will make an arrival statement at any late afternoon dock and the endless use of stainless steel gleams in any type of lighting.

The double wide helm seat with standard flip up bolster makes for perfect two-person cruising moments and I was wonderfully surprised when I was shown the power seat switch. At the simple flip of a readily accessible toggle on the dash the helm seat eased forward or back with grace. No reaching under the seat hoping to find the right tab for the slider on the LS6, what an absolute joy! We were treated to the dual 7” screen Volvo glass cockpit featuring two screens (one screen is standard) on the dash with endless options and a very subtle blue backlight. The gauges were accurate and concise, and the glass cockpit is user friendly – be sure to take some time to get comfortable with the screens you like the most, or do like I would and invite one of the kids to walk you through. At the flip of another toggle switch you can lower the Power Tower reducing your height from 7’ 9” to 5’ 7”, great if low bridges or high waters are impeding your progress and YES you can still stand at the helm while the tower is lowering and finds its final down position.

The Fusion Apollo series wireless Bluetooth sound system is standard on the LS6 and let’s just say that this won’t disappoint kids of any ages! Wow.

The head is beautifully equipped with a chemical toilet, overhead lighting, stunning drift wood cabinetry, stainless steel sink, soft touch flooring and most importantly – lots of space. The head space on the LS6 mirrors the space on Regal’s 2800 model.

Moving into the bow of the boat we were once again very pleased with the amount of leg room. I had no problem stretching out my seated 6’ 1” frame, the comfort of the seating design is awesome, the sound from the bow speakers is perfect and the storage under seats and port and starboard dash’s is generous. I also appreciated the amount of freeboard and the added security of a couple of neatly stowed cup holders and stainless grab rails.

Our test boat was equipped with the very capable Volvo V8 with EVC – Electronic Vessel Control, pushing an admirable 430 HP. There was little doubt that the Volvo was going to deliver lots of smiles when it came time to test the full 26’4” length and 5,330 lb. (2,417 kg) dry weight of the LS6. And she certainly didn’t disappoint. With two average if not slightly over sized guys on board along with assorted camera gear, all safety equipment and approximately 150L of fuel the Volvo quickly pushed us up and on plane in 4.48 seconds. Regals’ Fastrac stepped hull is truly appreciated with hole shot results like these. Comfortable cruising speeds seemed to be endless, but I found 24 MPH @ 3,000 RPM and 30.5 MPH @3,500 RPM to be my personal favorites. Yours will of course be best determined based on the number of friends you have on board and the amount of gear you carry. Take time to have fun and explore because after all you’re piloting your LS6 when you’re doing this! Top speeds were also spectacular and consistent on the LS6. Given her size and stature I was expecting to see low to mid 50’s and I’m happy to say that she blew me away with a top speed matched by my personal GPS tracked speedometer and the on-board Garmin 742xs system – also GPS based – as we repeatedly saw a top speed of 56.1 MPH. Talk about adrenalin rush!

The LS6 is a marvelous boat from an incredible brand. Regal has pulled all the proverbial stops guiding the design of this craft with close to 50 years of experience and a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. She exudes beauty with the stunning vinyl’s, displays innovation with the power tower, power helm seat, power swim platform and she screams versatility with endless seating options for families and friends. Want more? Ask about a plant tour. Regal’s Orlando facility welcomes new and existing owners to see just how much care goes into each and every model they create. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Length: 26'4" 8 m
Beam: 8'6" 2.5 m
Dry weight: 5,330 lbs 2,417 kg
Fuel Capacity: 26 US gals 73 L
Base Engine / Drive: Volvo V8
Engine HP: 430
Fuel Type: Gas
Deadrise: 22
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