Custom Built Fully Converted Ex Lightship/Liveaboard & Offices/ 1959 840 750,00 $ USD *

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840 750,00 $ USD *

~~1959 107' x 26' x 11' Steel Fully Converted Ex Lightship/Liveaboard & Office Accommodations -  No Engine Room
Engine has been removed
Unique opportunity to purchase a fully Converted ex Lightship with possible use as Restaurant, Marina Offices and Clubhouse, Museum Unit , Office Accommodation, Shop or Night Club. AND WITH a 4 Bedroom Home all tastefully fitted out and in excellent condition, with Central Heating throughout. This boat  will stand out wherever she is moored and be an outstanding centre of interest..
This boat is currently housing a Centre for Complimentary Healthcare and offers various treatments. It also houses the a Buddhist Centre and offers accommodation for the owners.

This boat is unique since:
• One of the very rare lightships with a Fresnel lens system in the light-tower. (very common for light-houses, not for light-ships)
• The foghorn design is only used on 2 ships worldwide
• The life-boat: one of the first fibre-glass life-boats ever built.
Built in 1958 in Beverley near Hull for the Humber Conservancy Board.

The ship was carefully converted and restored over three years to accommodate the business and was done to the highest standards, but trying to preserve the historic feel of the ship.
Most of the top-side areas are insulated with 10cm foam and an additional 6cm wool insulation.
There are 4 bedrooms, almost completely intact with teak bunk beds, desks and seating. The main bedroom was created from 2 original cabins and can easily accommodate a large double-bed. All bedrooms have a variety of storage cabinets and have traditionally looking CH radiators installed. Bedroom-1 has  a telephone and TV connection.
Approximate sizes:
Bedroom-1 5.3m* 3m
Bedroom-2 2.6m*2.5m
Bedroom-3 2.6m*2.3m
Bedroom-4 2.6m*2.3m

This very unique room has a large double-bathtub with jets.
A separate shower unit, a large sink and a WC compliment this bathroom. The tub and basin have antique brass valves and the shower has a thermostatic valve installed.
There is a variety of hidden storage available and an extraction fan. The bathroom is heated by a towel-radiator and a convection heater connected to the CH system.
Approximate sizes: 4.7m*3.7m

Storage rooms:
There are two storage rooms. Storage room-1 houses the original food-storage cabinets and also accommodates the washing machine and tumble dryer. This room measures approx 2.6m*2.3m. The 2nd storage room can be used as a large walk-in shower (all installed) and measures approx 1.9m*1.5M
Both rooms have traditionally looking CH radiators installed

This nicely converted room has a WC and hand-basin. It also has an extraction fan. A traditionally looking CH radiator is installed for heating. Approximate size: 1.7m*1.8m

Living room:
This spacious room has access to the aft deck and has both traditionally looking CH radiators and a solid-fuel stove installed. It provides access to the bedrooms via a staircase. It has a telephone, TV and CAT5 network connection.
Approximate size: 5m*5m

Galley (kitchen):
This area is completely re-fitted with custom made teak cabinets and a Corian worktop. A modern induction hob, a large stainless-steel sink and a separate vegetable washing basin with food macerator complete the worktop area. There are several electrical sockets. The kitchen has build-in appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, separate freezer and electrical oven/grill combination. Approximate size: 2.8m*2.5m

This area provides access to the living-room, galley, cloak-room, radio-room, shop, boiler-room, and a separate top-landing to the training-room staircase. There is also access to the deck by means of two doors on both port- and star-port. The hall has the control units for the intruder-alarm and fire-alarm systems.
Inside a cabinet is the ship’s telephone exchange and modem/router. A steep ladder provides access to the light-tower.


Treatment rooms:
At the front of the ship, three treatment rooms and a hallway have been created. These rooms have solid oak cabinets with embedded sinks (cold and warm water)
Approximate sizes:
Treatment room 1 is 2.9m*4.2m
Treatment room 2 is 2.95m*3.95m
Treatment room 3 is 3.10m*3.20m
The hall also provides access to a large storage area below the treatment rooms. Size approx 6m*6m This storage room also accommodates the CCTV recording system and has a CAT5 and telephone connection.
The treatment rooms, hall and storage area have traditionally looking CH radiators installed.

Training room:
This multi-purpose room is approx. 8m*7.8m and has plenty storage cabinets at each side. The room benefits from a CH fed floor heating system. A CAT5 network cable is installed. A big fan is installed in the ceiling that can be used for extraction or to provide fresh air into the room.

Boiler room:
This area has two levels of approx. 4.6m*2.6m each. The upper level is a workshop area with work-bench, the lower level houses the boiler and hot-water cylinder. There is plenty storage area on both levels. This area also houses the main electrical distribution panels.

There is plenty of deck area, both on the main deck and on top of the super-structure. Some of this is used as seating area for the café, about 55m2 on the aft deck and an additional 25m2 on top of the superstructure. This area can be extended to other deck areas. Wooden tables and seats are installed to accommodate the customers with a unique view on the canal and surroundings

The light is completely restored and has a working revolving lens (!!) system, attracting many visitors to the lightship. Access to the tower is by means of an enclosed ladder from the hallway.

This area’s restoration is in progress and has the original steering wheel, compass holder and brass clock-work for the fog-horn which is installed on top of the wheel-house. A large air-receiver on deck in front of the wheelhouse can be used to sound the foghorn manually. The sides of the wheelhouse have been completely re-plated and the windows modified to prevent water ingress. A door to the deck and a hatch to the hall below provides for access.

Office / Radio-room
This room is almost completely authentic and is currently used as office space. There is a nice couch and plenty of storage cabinets. Many features include the old key-locker and fuse boxes. The office has a wired CAT5 network connection and an additional CCTV monitor. A telephone connection is installed as well. Approximate sizes: 3.7m*2.2m

Recreational Facilities (Toys)
Shop area
This area has got modern shop fittings with plenty of display and storage space. It provides access via a concealed staircase to the hall of the treatment rooms below. The shop measures approx 5.8m*4.4m and is well insulated. It has 3 CH radiators and a CAT5 network connection. A CCTV monitor is installed to keep an eye on the activities on the ship. A telephone connection is installed as well. The shop has a double door (teak) to the port side and an emergency door to the star-board deck. Approximate size of the shop: 5.8m*4.4m

Ready to be towed anywhere
Located In the UK
Price: €675,000

Reference No. S2047

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