Epic 23V 23V 10th Anniversary Edition 2012 70 000,00 $ CAD

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70 000,00 $ CAD


A very unique boat on the lake and a constant head turner. The boat does not have a touchscreen pad in it that will leave you stranded some day. The ballast system hold 1500 pounds on each side of the stern (And you still have tons of storage on both sides of the motor) and 1000 pounds in the middle of boat (which gives your surf wave more power and length) Each of these three tanks has a switch to open and close a gate valve that either fills the tanks, or empties them while you are moving forward. It will load 4000 pounds in 90 seconds. It is a completely fail safe system. Even for some reason if the solenoid ever failed, you can open and close the gate valves manually. (Comes with spare solenoid as well) I can't say enough about this boat, or how much we enjoyed it and took care of it. Take a look and see! They only made 10 of these anniversary editions.

The stereo system is beyond awesome. Having the speakers at the back of the boat is great, you don't have to crank the tunes so the rider can hear. There is actually separate controls for the speakers in the boat and the ones on the stern. Our favorite thing was to slip out onto the lake and night surf. The boat has a resin infused LED back lit hull, and underwater LED's...making it glowing red all around the boat. It is so awesome surfing under these conditions.

The boat has been kept inside since day one and in showroom condition.

4000 Pounds of In Floor Ballast (Fills in 90 seconds)

Tons of Storage

Heater with 3 Extendable Tubes

Wake Plate

Seats 12 People

Wetsounds Sound System

Bimini Top

GPS Smart Tow with Launch Mode

Fresh Air Exhaust System


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