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895 678,00 $ CAD


You’ve had a successful career and have developed your abilities as a sailor for years.  Now is the time to reward yourself and the ultimate reward on the water is an Arcona 465.  It is pure sailing at its finest.  The 465 delights on the water under sail and pleases the most discerning guests who step foot on your yacht and appreciate the fine Swedish craftmanship and quality.

The fully carbon hull of the 465 is just the beginning of what makes the Arcona 465 a masterpiece and the king of the Arcona lineup. Not only is the hull stiffer and stronger than fiberglass giving the 465 great performance through the water, it is lighter.  The light hull allows Arcona to build the 465 with exquisite and luxurious interiors without sacrificing its performance.


The displacement to length ratio of 124 is among the lowest that you will find in a cruiser, helped by a carbon fiber and cored laminate hull construction.  This enables the 465 to be fast.  In fact, most 465 owners have found that backing off on the sail’s power a bit makes the 465 go faster and smoother.  In other words, the 465 is best sailed with finesse.  Like a racehorse that performs beautifully with a respectful jockey, the 465 is a thing of beauty when a skilled sailor is at the helm who knows that driving it hard is not how you guide the 465 to perform its best.  And at its best, the 465 is nimble and quick despite her grandeur size and can fly across the water at speeds other boats under 50 feet can only dream of enabled by a balance between it’s powerful sails and the 8 feet 1 inch  T-configured fin and bulb keel.

Her twin wheels are placed well outboard enabling an unobstructed view of the jib whether sitting or standing, to windward or leeward. A collapsible platform for the helmsman at each wheel comes out of the deck to provide a level platform while the boat is heeled.  Despite the big cockpit, the mainsheet is within easy reach from the helm.   Up front, little touches like the removable inner forestay from which a storm jib or even small staysail could be flown are standard.


With plenty of light and good headroom even under the cockpit seats in the aft cabins, the interior of the 465 is big, luxurious and comfortable.  Walking through the salon is easy with the wide passageway between the two comfy armchairs to starboard and the table that seats eight to port.

To port is a spacious galley with beveled handcrafted wood edges around the counter tops, a large fridge cleverly divided up with wire baskets and with two hatches. Another (drinks) fridge opens out of the end of the galley cabinet. There is room for a microwave if it were needed, and even a dishwasher.

Small touches like courtesy lighting under the deep island berth in the forward cabin add to the luxury in every inch of the 465.  The forward cabin has a private head with a shower.  The rich, red mahogany joinery exudes elegance.

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