Bertram Flybridge 1971 26 000,00 $ USD

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26 000,00 $ USD
This boat has been sitting for the last 6 years, mostly in a shed, but outdoors in the last year. The fuel-injected engines were purchased brand new have only 375 hours and have features like ceramic-lined headers. When a boat sits for this long unused, there is bound to be a bit of work to get everything all up and running properly. So the buyer is not getting a turn-key boat, but one that will take some work to get back on the water. This boat had a rainwater buildup, you can see the waterline in the pictures. The water did not enter the engines or transmissions. The fuel tanks are fiberglass, the owner created access holes so the tanks could be completely cleaned out and painted in ethanol-resistant paint. The owner never put ethanol fuel into the boat after servicing the fuel tanks.
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