Grumman Canoes Pointed Wide Transom 2024 5 200,00 $ CAD *

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5 200,00 $ CAD *

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Here’s to The Next Generation of Canoers.
Durable. Reliable. Tough as nails.  Grumman® Canoes are hand-crafted from a special age-hardened, stretch-formed aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is substantially stronger than traditional alloys, giving it the power it needs to perform and last.

Each canoe is hand-riveted with specially-designed T-6 Alumilite rivets for maximum strength along gunnels, keels and ribs. The stretch forming process permanently shapes the curves designed into the bow, stern and sides for maximum strength. For added rigidity and unbeatable strength, Grumman Canoes use die-formed aluminum ribs and thwarts, and solid aluminum extruded gunnels. In other words, better parts mean better canoes. All canoes come standard in Natural Aluminum finish, paint options (Black, Insignia Blue, Burgundy, Hunter Green, and Matte Olive Drab*) are available for an additional charge.

Grumman Canoes – Built For The Long Run

Built to Last

All models feature .060″ aluminum deck caps and .080″ stem caps with special T-6 alumilite finish rivets for top strength. A special sealant ensures long-lasting water-tightness.


Optimum Strength

Formed .062″ aluminum thwarts are secured with marine grade stainless steel bolts. Precision riveting ties gunnels, skin, and thwarts together for superior strength.


Better Tracking

The standard flat water keel is designed to make paddling easier and keep your canoe “on track.” The special “Bulb T” keel on the 19 ft. Square Stern and Sportboat make larger canoes stiffer and stronger.



The shallow draft keel has an inner keelson of rugged-strength extruded aluminum made for fast maneuvering through rock bottom whitewater rivers. The shallow draft keel is available on G-1750CSK double-enders.

Quality Double-Enders. Double the Fun!


Whether you’re out tackling a rushing stream or a glass-calm lake, a first-timer or professional outfitter, a Grumman versatile double-ender is the right choice. Its wide beam and low profile give stability and reduced wind resistance. The double-ender is available in various standard weight models, from 13 to 17 feet. Grumman Canoes are built to meet the needs of flatwater canoer or whitewater challengers.

Square Sterns. For Added Power.
Designed for outboard power, all square stern canoes feature a transom gusset of tough .125” aluminum, motor pads to secure outboards and ribs for added stiffness. While the standard spray rails keep you dry. Stability is a top priority for the Grumman square stern, and at 17 feet is the first choice of many professional guides and outfitters. The Grumman 17-footer has 8 ribs and is designed to carry up to 825 lbs. and rated for up to 5 horsepower. Paddle hard.

3-IN-1 Sportboat. Conquer The Water.


This versatile 3-in-1 “boat” can be paddled, rowed or outboard powered. An extra-wide beam and “Bulb T” keel gives it added steadiness and strength.


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