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930 000,00 $ USD *
SV Yachts & Boats is a direct factory dealer of Greenline Yachts on the West Coast (5908 Marine Dr, West Vancouver). Please, visit our website to book a viewing.
Welcome aboard the first true hybrid yacht​

Greenline Yachts is the first and one-of-a-kind serial production of hybrid & solar, diesel drive yachts in the world.
The fleet includes 8 models and every vessel in the Greenline range is available with a diesel, hybrid and fully electric drive system.


Greenline Yachts is a pioneer of hybrid propulsion in boats and has been using this technology since 2008. Years of experience in hybrid drivetrains have allowed us to perfect the system not only for propulsion but also for maximum efficiency and comfort while living on board.


Electric propulsion provides silent, emission-free propulsion and integrated energy management to run the boat’s domestic supply.
  • FUEL-EFFICIENT A hybrid boat uses at least 30% less fuel, an electric boat needs no fuel!
  • NO GENERATOR NEEDED Solar power will fully provide you with electricity, even if you are anchored.
  • SILENT-RUNNING You won’t be woken up by the sound of the generator in the morning.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN All the yachts are intelligently designed so owners can feel like at home and manage the yacht with ease.
  • FAMILY LIVING Protected walkways, big social area, spacious storages and managing without a crew.
  • CUSTOM MADE From hull colour to furniture wood and upholstery. Each detail can be done the way you want.

PRICE (for standard specification, no options included)


2 x Yanmar 8LV320 - 2 x 320hp (shaft drive) $ 930,000.00 
2 x Yanmar 8LV370 - 2 x 370hp (shaft drive) $ 960,000.00 
2 x Yanmar 6LY440 - 2 x 440hp (shaft drive) $ 995,000.00 

H-DRIVE System 6G $ 1,155,000.00 

2 x Yanmar 8LV - 370 HP (272 kW) - 23 kts top speed,  7" Simrad display
Lithium-Polymer battery 3 x 11 kW/h (approx. 20nm at 4.5 kts)
2 x Electric motors / generators (in diesel mode) - 6.5 kts top speed
Automatic inverter charger 10000VA/100A


  • Aft Galley The aft galley, Greenline's signature features, combines the cockpit and the galley into a big social area
  • Full Beam Master Cabin The most practical and safe way if you are just one step away form the mooring cleat
  • Walk-In Closet Walk-in wardrobe for both cabins
  • Lowerable Natural Wood Table in Salon The natural wood, brings earthy design elements- making the boat feel like home
  • Full-Size Freezer Just like what you are used to at home
  • SIMRAD Navigation Electronics Extra large navigation dashboard with Simrad electrics
  • Hydraulic Bathing Platform The hydraulic bathing platform makes it easier to get in and out of water
  • Helmstand Side Door The Helmstand side door provides safer manoeuvring throughout the boat
  • Flybridge Barbecue Enjoy outdoor cooking on your boat with the aft barbeque
  • Extra Large Flybridge Due to the covered sidewalks, the flybridge is wider than most in its class
  • Hard-Top Optional hard-top roof on fly which facilitates more solar panels
Cabins 2 or 3
Berths 4 or 6+2
Toilets/washroom 2
Diesel tank 396 gal
Water tank 159 gal
Black water tank 53 gal

Diesel mode

Top speed 25 knots in diesel mode
2 x Yanmar 370 hp
40 Kw = 2x20Kw generator

Hybrid mode

50 kW = 2x25 kW Electric Motor shaft drive
Up to 35 Nm, Range at 5 knots in electric mode
Top speed 7 knots in electric mode

Anchor mode

1,6 kW solar standard, 0.5 kW solar standard + 1.1 kW on opt. hard-top
Up to 80 kW/h, Up to 6x 13.3 kW LiPo batteries
Up to 3 days on anchor All appliances will run via the battery charged by solar

Electric mode

Top speed 13 knots in electric mode
Up to 30 Nm, Range at 7 knots in electric mode
100 kW = 2 x 50 kW Electric Motor shaft drive

Range extender mode

25 kW Diesel Generator / Range Extender
Up to 400 Nm, Range at 5 knots in electric mode

Anchor mode

1,6 kW = 0.5 kW standard, additional 1.1 kW on opt. hard-top
4 x 40 kW/h, Lithium high performance batteries

Greenline Yachts aim is to provide comfort on board like no other. With a bank of solar panels you can use all of the boat’s appliances, whether cruising or at rest, without having to fire up a generator or connect to shore power. This means there is no noise, no vibrations, no emissions and no disturbing your neighbours when the boat is on anchor. By utilising high performance LiPo batteries, even high load appliances like air-conditioning can be run in silence. 

Up to 80 kW/h
High Performance LiPo Batteries

26 kW/h per day
Approx. consumption for 4 people in 24h depending including air condition use

9 kW/h charge per day
500 W standard solar + 1100 W solar panels on opt. hard-top.

3 Days on Anchor
Depending on your energy management and the sunshine, this time can be longer or shorter.
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