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349 000,00 $ USD *
Bribon is a 2005 Farr designed TransPac 52 built for the King of Spain by Cookson Marine. Purchased by her current owner in late 2021, Bribon has been extensively updated with special attention to speed, rating, handling, performance, and safety.



Bribon is a 2005 Farr designed TransPac 52 built for the King of Spain by Cookson Marine. Purchased by her current owner in late 2021, Bribon has been extensively updated with special attention to speed, rating, handling, performance, and safety. Bribon was ORR optimized with guidance from Greg Stewart, and PHRF SoCal rated. She is Category 1 compliant and ready for her next inshore or offshore adventure!


Prior to 2021, Bribon had many successes including: in 2015 as Destroyer she finishedTranspac 2nd in Division 2, 7th overall, and 1st in the HPR Division. For the 2019 50th anniversary of Transpac BRIBON finished in 8 days with a 2nd in Division 1 (Subclass 1) and 3rd overall in Division 1 beating all the sleds and other TP52s. In 2019 she finished 1st in Class A in the Newport to Cabo Race and 2nd in Class in the 2018 and 2019 Newport to Ensenada Races. More Race Results are listed further down in the ad... With her full amateur crew, recent success includes podium finishes in San Diego to Puerto Vallarta (2nd ORR 2), Islands Race (3rd ORR B), SoCal 300 (2nd ORR A), Newport to Ensenada (3rd Maxi, 4th overall), Santa Barbara to King Harbor (1st PHRF A, 1st overall), Cabrillo Series (1st ORR A, 1st overall), San Diego to Ensenada (1st ORR A, 1st overall), and Yachting Cup (2nd Class AA).


In 2022, Bribon received a complete bottom overhaul, including a string keel kelp cutter system and sail drive deflector. Bribon also received a sprit extension (to 9m TPS) and custom two tackline snout for both 1:1 and 2:1 application. All hull and bottom paint were removed, bottom and blades faired, and repainted (received latest bottom paint Nov 2023). The mast and boom were also stripped of paint and repainted, and all new internal wiring and antennae, new standing rigging, new halyards and locks, new running backs, new 4:1 backstay system, new Harken head foil (and spare) and the like. The mast track was also replaced with an Antal track for both bolt rope and track luff systems to maximize performance in both inshore and offshore events. All structural kelp cutter systems were performed by Fitzgerald Racing in partnership with Farr Yacht Design and RigPro. All rigging was performed by SD Boatworks.


Also in 2022, Bribon’s internal power systems were upgraded with lithium batteries and new AT-170 alternator system, including smart gateway, regulator, Bluetooth interface and display, and new wiring throughout. All electrical systems were performed by Waypoint Racing. Engine includes rebuilt injectors and high-pressure pump in 2022, new low pressure fuel pump and priming pump in 2023, and new 21-gallon fuel tank and hoses in 2022. Additionally, sail drive was replaced in 2018.


Bribon was further upgraded in November 2023 with a new adjustable mast step and backstay deflector system which dramatically improved her upwind performance; further enhancing her ability to get even more podium finishes.


BRIBON IS LLC OWNED and comes complete with boat and mast covers along with a custom yard cradle for dry storage and a 24 foot, 3-axle, toy hauler that is set up with multiple storage cabinets, sail storage and work benches.  She has been professionally maintained and is ready to go with all the necessary offshore safety equipment.


She is in top shape and awaiting her next owner and adventure!


  • 2022 and 2023 Race Results
    • Islands Race - (160 miles) - 3rd om ORR B
    • San Diego to Puerta Vallarta - 2nd place - ORR 2
    • San Diego Yachting Cup - 3rd place - ORR 1
    • SoCal 300 (300 miles) - 2nd place - ORR A
    • Santa Barbara to King Harbor (90 miles) - 2nd place ORR A
    • San Diego to Ensenada (60 miles) 1st ORR - 1st place phrf - 1st place overall
    • San Diego Hot Rum Series - 1st overall - 150 boat pursuit series
    • Cabrillo Series - 1st overall ORR A
    • Newport to Ensenada - 3rd placer maxi class, 4th overall
    • Yachting Cup - 2nd place class AA
    • Santa Barbara to King Harbor, 1Place PHRF A, 1st Place PHRF Overall
    • San Diego to Ensenada - 1st Place ORR A
  • Sail Inventory


    • 2020 North 3Di Raw w/ single reef - Excellent condition
    • 2019 North 3Di Raw -- Excellent Condition
    • 2019 Ullman Offshore with smaller head and double reef -- Very Good Condition
    • Deliver Main by North, short hoist and foot - Excellent Condition


    • 2022 North J2 3Di Raw - Excellent
    • 2021 Ullman J2 in Very Good Condition, not used since 2021
    • 2019 Quantum J2 - Very Good
    • 2022 North J1.5 3Di Raw - Excellent
    • 2018 North J1.5 3Di Raw - very good
    • 2018 North J1 3Di Raw - excellent
    • 2018? North J1 3Di Raw - Good
    • 2018 North J1 needs measurement
    • Ullman J1 Practice Jib
    • 2018 Ullman J3 - very good
    • Ullman J4


    • 2019 Ullman A1 - very good
    • 2018 Quantun A1 = good
    • A1 -- needs assesment
    • 2019 Quantum A1.5 - good
    • 2021 North A1.5 - needs assesment
    • 2021 North A2 - very good
    • 2019 North A2 - very good
    • 2018 Ullman A2 - very good
    • 2020 Quantum A2.5 - good
    • 2018 Ullman A2+ - very good
    • 2008 A4 - needs assesment
    • 2010 North Frac A5 - good

    Specialty Sails

    • 2023 North 3Di Genoa Staysail
    • 2018 Ullman Genoa Staysail - good
    • 2022 Quantum Spin Staysail - very good
    • 2019 Ullman Masthead J Zero - very good
    • Elliot Blast Reacher - needs assesment
    • 2024 North R1 -- never used - price negotiable and not included with sale

    Practice Sails

    • Random Assortment
  • Rating Information

    2023 ORR Rating - GPH = 445.1 SpM

    2023 ORR Rating - GPH = 443.7 SpM

    2023 ORR Rating - GPH = 440.9 SpM

    Inshore with and without JZero and Offshore with JZero



    2023 PHRF -- without JZero -- -70 Buoys, -80 Random Leg, -83 Long Distance

    2023 PHRF -- with JZero -- -71 Buoys, -82 Random Leg, -84 Long Distance

  • Construction

    BRIBOM is a 2005, FARR Yacht Design TP52 that was built in New Zealand by Cookson Boats of carbon fiber epoxy pre-preg with a Nomex core sandwich construction. Foam coring was used up forward in the "slamming areas" for added strength. 

    Vacuum-bagged throughout with carbon/foam infused interior structure. with monocoque type construction forward of the mast.  

    The interior arrangement has been simplified to its racing functionality. The resulting weight savings was used to congregate weight centrally in the boat to reduce pitching inertia and allow some exchange of volumes between appendages and hull. 


    BRIBON was built to ABS Offshore Racing Guidelines and is one of the few TP52s that is set up for offshore racing. This has been proven time and again with 3 Transpacs, Cabo, Ensenada and So Cal 300 races under her belt. 


    Bottom and Topside:

    -       Removed all paint (with razor blade), long-boarded and re-painted

    • New topside paint (white LP with grey boot stripe)
    • New bottom paint (white Vivid antifouling)

    -       New keel kelp cutter

    -       New sail drive kelp deflector

    -       Removed paint and repainted stanchions and pulpits

    -       Rebuilt stanchion bases

    -       New Colorkote white bottom paint Nov 2023


    • Extended TPS to 9 m (TP52 Super Series dimension)
    • Added custom two tack line pig snout
    • Replaced bobstay
  • Interior

    BRIBON's interior was gone though and repainted as necessary and 6 mm soft SeaDek flooring was installed on the carbon floorboards throughout the interior. The galley area has a 3-burner Primus propane stove and a large ice chest. The head and associated plumbing were replaced and fans were installed prior to the 2019 Transpac. 

    • (4) Custom pipe berths per side
    • Primus 3 burner propane stove
    • Large portable ice chest 
    • Carbon sink with fresh water pedal and salt water electric pump
    • 2 sets of small storage pockets
    • (10) large crew gear storage bags
    • Head
    • Athwartship facing Nav Station
    • Spectra 150 watermaker
    • Endoscope with (2) hull fittings



  • Deck Systems

    Deck was completely redone in 2018-2019 with all stanchions and push-pits removed, sanded and painted. The Harken winches were serviced as well as all of the deck hardware removed prior to paint. A new non-skid deck was sprayed on and the cockpit received soft SeaDek flooring. All inspection ports in the cockpit and the deck prisms were either repaired or replaced.

    Harken Grand-Prix Winch Package:

    • (2) 65.3 TCR with Speed Ring - Primaries with 1:2:4 w/overdrive
    • (2) Harken linked carbon pedestal grinders
    • (2) 66.3 STR UD Mainsheet
    • (2) 50.2 STR Halyard
    • (2) 50.2 STR Topmast Runner
    • Harken Traveler System
    • Harken Athwartship Jib Tracks
    • Jib Cunningham System
    • Jib Car up/Down Controls
    • Navtec Hydraulic Outhaul and Forestay (Overhauled 2018)
    • (2) Custom Carbon Wheels with clear-coat non-skid
    • (2) MOB buttons in cockpit
    • Carbon Kelp Stick
    • Spare Shortened Rudder (2005)
  • Rig and Rigging
    • Hall Spars 2 spreader Grand-Prix Carbon Fiber Offshore Mast
    • Hall Carbon Fiber Boom
    • (2) sets of Carbon Fiber Spreaders
    • Rod Rigging
    • New Headstay (2018)
    • The rig is a standard 20-degree swept back spreader layout with a freestanding topmast.
    • The mast was overhauled in 2018 and serviced just prior to the 2019 Transpac.  
    • 4:1 Winch powered topmast runners
    • Harken Carbon Headfoil (2019)
    • Complete set of offshore halyards with halyard locks (2019)
    • High Tech sheets and control lines (2018-2019)
    • J0/MHG Furler system (2019)
    • Code 0 Furler system (2018)
    • Spinnaker Staysail Furler system (2018)
    • Headstay Strop (2019)
    • Custom Hydraulic panel with 2-speed pump 


    The following was done from Late 2022 to present:


    Structural and Systems:

    -       Removed all rigging and fittings, cleaned and re-bedded

    -       Removed all paint (with razor blade) and repainted both mast and boom

    -       New standing (rod)

    -       New running backs (SK99MAX core with Dyneema chafe)

    -       New back stay purchase system complete with Harken 3T V-Blocks

    -       New Antal track

    • Reinforced mast at head, tack and two reef locations
    • Dual bolt rope and cars
    • Offshore system to keep luff forward during reefing

    -       New halyard locks for main and jib halyards (two masthead spinnaker lock existing)

    -       Rebuilt in-boom reef clew cleat system

    -       New harken head foil

    -       New headstay strop (to hydraulic headstay adjustment system)

    -       New mast step (RigPro engineering and parts, SD Boatworks install)

    -       New 1:3 hydraulic deflector system (RigPro engineering and parts, Fitzgerald install, SD Boatworks rigging)

    -       New port spinnaker halyard (2023)

    -       New 2:1 tackline (2023)

    -       Full Harken ProCare winch service (2023)

    -       New locking main and jib halyards (two spinnaker locks existing)

    -       New halyard lock release systems (all locks)

    -       New fractional spinnaker halyard

    -       New genoa staysail halyard

    -       New spinnaker running gear

    -       New jib sheets

    -       New spinnaker staysail sheets

    -       New jib in hauler system

    -       New tack lines (2)

    -       New Spinlock deck clutches for all halyards and tack lines

    -       New jib lead adjustment control lines

    -       New main traveler system and control lines

    -       New power hoist system

    -       New outboard jib sheeting locations

    -       New barber hauler system (two)

    -       New spinnaker aft block placement (to aft corner)

    -       Together with Farr and RigPro, brought mast back to original design tune and configuration and created new tuning guide

    Safety (in addition to all existing Cat 1 compliant equipment):

    -       New fire extinguishers

    -       New throw sock

    -       New SOLAS flares

    -       New offshore medical kit (unused) – Adventure Medial Kit – Marine 2500

    -       10 man offshore life raft in hard case recertified Jan 2023

    -       MOM recertified 2024

    -       10 offshore inflatable safety harnesses (2019)


  • Engine

    The engine is a Yanmar 54 HP (4JH4E) diesel sail-drive. The lower sail-drive unit was replaced in June of 2018. Engine overhaul n Spring of 2019 included new fuel lines, heat exchanger and exhaust manifold along with the servicing of all filter etc... Bronze 2-blade folding Gori propeller.


    The following was done from late 2022 to present:

    Engine and Fuel:

    -       New fuel tank and fuel hose

    -       New low pressure fuel pump

    -       Rebuilt high pressure fuel pump

    -       Rebuilt fuel injectors

  • Electronics

    BRIBON is set up with an updated B&G H3000 system with repeaters mounted in the cockpit along with 5 jumbo displays on a custom carbon pod mounted on the mast. The B&G system is tied to the boat's CF-53 Toughbook Laptop with all performance polars and sail crossovers. 

    BRIBON features:

    • Simrad NAC-3 Autopilot with Simrad AP44 autopilot controller (2019)
    • B&G Zeus 3 Chart Plotter with a 9 inch screen (2019)
    • Iridium 9555 Sat phone with antenna (2019)
    • AIS (2018)
    • B&G NAC 2 core pack control unit for compass and rudder feedback (2019) 
    • Simrad N2K VHF radio (2019)
    • Simrad NAID 500 with GPS 500 (2018)
    • All displays and jumbos were service in 2019
    • Mini GPS Antenna FME for AIS (2019)
    • Ocean Signal MOB1 man overboard device with AIS (2018)
    • Masthead Teflon cable for masthead wand (2018)
    • (2) Handheld VHF radios
    • USB outlets (2019)
    • GPL-8DL Lifeline House battery (2019)
    • GPL OOT Lifeline Engine battery (2019)


    The following was done from late 2022 to present


    -       New masthead tricolor running light

    -       New NAIS 500 GPS antennae

    -       New Ultra wip antennae

    -       New Puma Multiboard GPS and WiFi antennae

    -       New deck level bow and stern running lights and wiring

    -       New Panasonic Toughbook loaded with Expedition

    -       New internal mast wiring and below deck wiring/connections

    -       Alternator:

    • New AT-170 alternator DF
    • New smart gateway with Bluetooth interfact
    • New Balmer 618 regulator
    • New Balmer color display

    -       Batteries:

    • New (2) Relion 100 amph lithium cell-HP house batteries
    • New (1) ATX20 restart battery
    • New lithium smart charger-IP65-15 amp
    • New Orion DC power supply-12 volt 9 amp
    • New wiring throughout

    -       B&G H5000 wiring complete and system install ready.

  • Safety Equipment

    BRIBON has been outfitted and updated with all of the latest safety equipment needed for offshore racing including:

    • (12) auto-Inflate safety harnesses (2018)
    • (1) 10-man Ocean Safety Offshore Life raft with Ultra Lite Carbon hard case with carbon deck mount (2019)
    • Man Overboard Module
    • Lifesling
    • Jacklines
    • All required emergency flares
    • (3) Fire Extinguishers
    • (2) MOB buttons in cockpit and (1) MOB button in Nav Station
    • Custom Emergency Carbon Rudder and Tiller
    • 2023 - Electric Bilge Pump with hose for removing water while racing
  • Special Information
    • All structural work done by Fitzgerald Racing
    • All rigging by SD Boatworks
    • All electrical/instrumentation by Artie Means
    • All engineering by Farr Yacht Design and RigPro
  • Disclaimer

    The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

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