Canoe Cove Tri Cabin Cruiser 1974 15 000,00 $ CAD

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15 000,00 $ CAD


Dad started a restoration project but passed away before completing it. Now we need someone industrious to finish what he started. Dad’s done much of the hard stuff. Most of what’s left is the fun part – dreaming and implementing your vision for how you wish this boat to be. This is an opportunity to modernize and customize a classic vessel.

Current state of the rebuild:

  • Exterior:
    • The bridge has been painted (turned out beautifully).
    • Every fiberglass and gelcoat blister has been found and filled.
    • The cabin area is prepped and should be close to ready for paint.
    • The hull needs more finishing but shouldn’t take too much more effort.
    • The bottom has been sandblasted and coated in a copper-epoxy coating.
    • Replacement doors and hatches have been handcrafted out of fiberglass.
    • Peripherals like fiberglass vent cover have been repaired.
    • Drainage issues have been resolved.
    • Hardware has been re-chromed.
  • Interior:
    • The engines have been rebuilt and sit on pallets under the boat.
    • The transmissions and v-drives have been rebuilt and sit in Mom’s garage.
    • The fuel injectors have been serviced.
    • The electrical and plumbing systems have been removed.
    • The Espar furnace was overhauled and cleaned.
    • Some teak panels have been removed and currently sit in Mom’s home.
    • Much of the teak has been cleaned.
    • A new walk in access to the tank compartment was installed.
    • The engine and tank compartments were painted.
    • Storage compartments have been cleaned and painted.
    • The kitchen countertop was arborited.
    • Dad replaced the wood in all the stringers. That job is 90% finished. It just needs some small fiberglass repairs and reassembly.
  • Other:
    • Things have been purchased for the rebuild that will be included. Things like, but not limited to:
      • Copper water line.
      • Various gauges.
      • Navigation lights.
      • Various through hulls
      • Interior lights.
      • Electrical outlets.
      • Toilets parts.
      • Various parts for the engine reinstall and fuel system.

Dad’s craftsmanship is impeccable. He was too much of a perfectionist, then a health setback forced him to step away and he never got back to it. The boat and the engines currently sit on a farm in Langley. Pieces of boat are stored throughout Mom’s house and garage in Surrey.

About the 41’ Canoe Cove Tri-Cabin Cruiser:

Founded in 1936, Canoe Cove Manufacturing is a pioneer of fiberglass boat construction, building their first fiberglass boat in 1959. Since then, they’ve earned a reputation for quality glasswork and even secured contracts to manufacture vessels for the RCMP and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The 41’ Tri-Cabin cruiser is Canoe Cove’s most popular model with 198 boats manufactured and sold. Whether you plan to live aboard or cruise the coast, this vessel has plenty of space for storage, amenities and people, and it handles well in both calm and choppy waters.


Here is your chance to get to know your boat from the inside out, and ensure it is ready to meet the next 50 years. The asking price is $15,000 or best offer.

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