Boat Docking Systems

In order to dock your boat properly and take care of your investment, good boat docking systems are a necessity. Failure to dock boats properly is a primary cause of loss and damage on the water. First of all, it is necessary to have a properly set up dock that will offer protection to your boat once it is docked.

Two main categories of docks are fixed docks and floating docks. A floating dock typically consists of a platform and some supporting pylons. The supporting pylons are fixed deep in the ocean floor and are attached to the platform by means of braces or metal hoops. As the tide rises and falls, the platform moves accordingly, allowing you to exit your boat at the same relative height.

A fixed dock does not have a moving platform, and consists of anchoring pylons and a frame structure. The frame structure is fixed to the anchoring pylons and does not move. The disadvantage of this setup is that it typically does not weather storms as well as floating docks, and can make entering or exiting your boat more difficult during high or low tides.

Whichever type of dock you are using, it is necessary to be able to precisely maneuver your boat into its docking slip. Especially if you have a large yacht, this can be challenging. A good solution is to purchase either a bow thruster or stern thruster system that can allow you to fine-tune your movements. Bow thrusters or stern thrusters are able to do this because of its placement and ability to propel perpendicular to the boat. A relatively small amount of thrust can therefore change the boat's heading rapidly. There are great systems available at, all at fantastic prices.

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