Flybridge Cruisers 

Once a very popular design starting as small as twenty-two or so feet on a narrow beam, the advent of the mid-cabin express cruiser design has all but eliminated the demand for smaller flybridge cruisers and only a handful of manufacturers offer these models today starting in the range of thirty or so feet with twin engines and a wide beam.

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Most flybridge cruisers today are of the “sedan” variety, meaning a solid vertical partition, often with huge opening glass panels, separates the cockpit from the cabin area. Many flybridge sedan cruisers, especially those sold in Canada, offer two helms (steering and control stations): one inside the cabin in the main “living” area, and one on the flybridge (upper) level. Flybridge cruiser enthusiasts brag that they can be outside in nice weather and close the sedan door behind them in lousy weather and not have to fiddle with a lot of canvas. One other benefit of a flybridge sedan over an express cruiser is the surrounding large glass cabin windows providing natural lighting and all-round visibility. Since most flybridge sedan cruisers do not offer mid or aft cabin sleeping accommodations, all permanent sleeping is provided in forward or side cabins without the separation and privacy available with mid or aft cabin designs. Most flybridge cruisers today are inboard powered.

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