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A relatively recent phenomenon, a jet boat generally offers similar attributes as a deck boat as described above but is powered by a single or twin-engine jet drive as opposed to the outboard or sterndrive power in a deck boat.

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In a jet boat, a two-cycle or more common four-cycle engine powers an impeller as opposed to a propeller on an outboard or sterndrive. In other words, a “jet drive” is basically a water pump which draws in water and pumps it out at greater pressure thus creating the thrust. The advantage to this is that the impeller is housed within a tube safely out of sight and within the hull of the boat as opposed to a propeller which is external to the boat. Jet boats generally are very modernistic in design utilizing vivid colour schemes to appeal to a younger demographic of watersport enthusiasts. One of the advantages of a jet boat is its shallow water capabilities since there is no propeller below the bottom of the boat to get damaged. Jet boats are regarded as exciting and fun boats for the young at heart.

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