Center Consoles 

A center console design, whether of fibreglass (most popular) or of aluminum in construction is basically an open hull with a flat floor and with a relatively smallish helm (driver’s seat and instrument console) located near the middle of the boat allowing walking access along each side of this console.

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A center console is available from ten feet or even less right up to over forty feet in length and can be powered from the smallest single outboard motor right up to two, three, or even four of the largest outboard motors. Center console designs are regarded as one of the most flexible of all boat designs and are used for almost any and all purposes from dinghy’s and yacht tenders to high speed performance and rescue boats and everything in between. The major drawback to the design, especially in our Canadian climate, is weather protection. A center console boat can be outfitted to suit almost any watersport purpose from Spartan to bristling and luxurious.

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