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What defines a high performance boat is very subjective, but for these purposes, those boats which have seating for at least two persons and are properly designed and powered to achieve a minimum of sixty miles per hour (100 kph) qualify as a high performance boat and will at this speed capability require special insurance.

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Some boats in this category are intended for relatively calm waters and others for big water and ocean use. Some are V-bottoms and others catamarans. Starting in the low twenties feet in length are single outboard or sterndrive powered boats and reaching up to almost fifty feet in length with two or more stock engines with up to 350 horsepower each in the case of outboards, or up to around 1000 horsepower each in the case of sterndrives or up to 1500 horsepower each in the case of inboards. Some of these stock boats are capable of speeds up to 150 miles per hour. Some of the larger and faster boats may have canopies over the cockpit area to protect the occupants. It is important to recognize that as speed increases incrementally, the knowledge and capability to safely handle a boat at these speeds increases exponentially. The manufacturers of high performance boats listed below and available for sale in Canada do not constitute a complete list as the very limited market for this type of boat produces very localized or regional manufacturers which may not be known outside that local region.

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