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A “pontoon” is a cylindrical aluminum “tube” usually circular in cross-section, but sometimes elliptical and sometimes with a V-shaped bottom section and varying from perhaps about sixteen inches in diameter on small pontoon boats to two feet or even greater diameter on larger pontoon boats.

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Two pontoons is the normal configuration but larger boats may offer three as an option – usually for enhanced load carrying capacity or performance characteristics. All pontoons are fully sealed to keep out any water and most have sealed inner sections to prevent possible water penetration from one section to another. Pontoon boats have evolved almost exponentially over the past number of years from the most basic flat platform with a surrounding safety rail and used for the most basic calm water transportation to today’s designs which offer a full range of amenities and features catering to fishing, watersports, sightseeing, luxurious cruising, or a combination of all of the above. Pontoon boats are available from about sixteen feet up to well over thirty feet. One of the biggest advantages of a pontoon boat is its ease of dockside entry and exit and its large rectangular all-one-level interior floor space with stand-up and walk-around headroom throughout. Pontoon boats are primarily outboard powered and some larger models are available with sterndrive power.

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