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When you are looking to sell your used boat, you might find yourself asking, "how do I sell my boat?" You don't need to be an experienced ad copywriter to write an effective advertisement. Here are some simple tips that will help you answer that internal voice asking you "how do I sell my boat?"

At, we help boat owners sell their boats online, and we don't just have the best rates. We also let you experiment with your ad by changing it as often as you like, at no extra charge. You might find that if you tweak it a little bit, you'll get a better response, and your boat will sell faster. Also, you can leave your ad running until your boat sells, and you won't pay anything extra.

Since buying a boat is largely an emotional decision, offer to take potential buyers out on your boat with you. Once they can see how your boat runs, they will be excited to be on the water and feel the wind in their faces. It will also give you time to talk and answer any of their questions. Your ad should also include photos of the boat and of you and your friends having fun on it--fun sells! At, you can include as many photos with your ad as you like.

One other tip we recommend when selling a boat--clean it. You can spend all your money marketing your boat, but if it is dirty, nobody will buy it. You can have it professionally detailed if you don't have time to clean it yourself.

What Will Help Me Sell My Boat?

When asking, "how can I sell my boat," remember that used boats have some advantages over new ones. Most people looking to buy a used boat are new to boating. New boats don't come with all the extras. If you've upgraded your boat and added fun and useful equipment over the years, say so in your listing. Be very specific about the parts included and how they will benefit the boater. For example, people wanting to fish off their boats might appreciate rods, rod holders, and fish finders. Explain all the upgrades in language that makes sense to new boaters as well as experienced ones.

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