Used Boat Prices

When selling a boat, a good place to start assessing used boat prices is a marine blue book. Be honest about the condition your boat is in before you look up the prices. Also take into consideration any equipment your boat has or any upgrades you have made. Use blue book values as a general guideline of where to start pricing you boat, and adjust it according to the unique elements of your boat.

Setting Used Boat Prices

Another place to look for used boat prices is on boating websites. attracts hundreds of buyers looking for boats every day. Look at boats for sale that are similar to yours and see what they are selling for.

Features are important, as buying a boat tends to be an emotional decision. That said, however, pricing your boat properly is crucial. Used boat prices vary widely based on the size and type of boat you are selling. Price is one of the first things that first-time buyers look for. They may not know enough about boating yet to realize that price isn't the only criterion for a purchasing decision.

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