2010 Yamaha FZS SHO Waverunner Personal Water Craft Review

Reviewed by Cory Mah

yamaha fzs

It was a dark and stormy night, well okay it wasn't really dark and it wasn't really stormy, but it wasn't a beautiful sunshiny day at Fabulous Fern Resort. As the Yamaha reps were going over the product improvements for the 2010 Wave Runners, the rain was pelting down, not making the idea of water testing any sort of watercraft enjoyable. Once the product briefing was over, the rain let up and we jumped on the first available craft to take it for a spin.

I grabbed the bright yellow (new for 2010) FZS SHO, at approximately 210hp, this machine was a rocket. Pure adrenaline rushing acceleration and tracking like on rails. This machine is solid riding through almost any chop. Drop the hammer and hang on, this machine will accelerate quickly through 65 MPH (130 KPH).

Not much has changed with this model for 2010, when you have a machine that works this good and rides this great, why mess with it. That's what the team at Yamaha also decided for this year. The engine is a 1.8 litre Supercharged 4-stroke. With tons of low end torque and lots of high speed RPM to get this craft up and going and keep it there.

The seating position on the big comfortable bench is firm and supportive. Small back bolsters prevent sliding off the back of the machine under full throttle acceleration, which is a nice feature. Telescoping steering column allows for maximum rider comfort. Adjustable trim control allows rider to dial in the ride of the craft, just the way they want it.

Engine features include a throttle by wire reverse system controls RPM in reverse for maximum thrust efficiency. Supercharger with intercooler, giving high torque, lightweight compact design and low emissions and low maintenance costs.

yamaha fzs side

Yamaha FZS SHO Waverunner Specifications:

Length: 11' 1"  
Dry weight: 806 lbs  
Fuel Capacity: 18.5 US Gallons  
Passenger Capacity: 1-3
Engine: 1812 cc supercharged four-stroke engine
HP: 210 HP approx.
Fuel Type: Unleaded  
Storage Capacity: 21.3 gallons  
Hull Material: NanoXcel High-Compression Molded compound
Warranty: 1 year limited  
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