2016 Hurricane CC21 - An All New Center Console Deckboat from the Leaders

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Boat Review by: Matt Spencer

hurricane cc21 running

While deckboats are slowly making their climb in Canada, south of the border they are all of the rage, especially in Florida. And when it comes to deckboats there is one name that runs the show and that’s Hurricane. Manufacturers from all over all vie for a piece of their pie which adds up to more than all of their competition combined, and the competition will admit this. So as a leader it’s important not to rest on your laurels, especially with the competition nipping at your heels.

With that in mind Hurricane has reinvented their center console line of deckboats for 2016, introducing the 19-footer last summer and releasing the latest addition to the party, the 21-foot CC21 at the Miami International Boat Show.

What Hurricane has done for this new center console series is had their team focus on customer feedback. They are making sure that these new boats to the family are deckboats first, fishing second and loaded with features that their customers are going to love. It’s that type of focus that has made them so successful in the past and from my initial thoughts on the CC21 I think they’re still on the right track.

When I walked up to the CC21 at the docks of the Miami boat show my first impression was very positive as I did notice that the boat was not an in your face fishing boat, but rather what I saw was a versatile runabout that could play many different roles so I was intrigued to dig deeper and find out for myself.

I think what helped with this is that all the vinyl was a tan with brown accents which steers you away from that in your face Florida center console and more towards contemporary runabout. There is a large U shaped bow lounge that has two large cushions with back rests for when you want to lounge facing forward with your feet up but when there is a group up there the coaming bolsters will prove to be ample backrests. The forward facing backrests can be put in two positions, low and high. They also remove completely which is where things get very clever. Hurricane engineered the backrests to connect together and hang from the gunnels so either putting them away or getting them ready is a breeze.

That’s the thing about these boats that pull double duty, a lot of the time it’s “what do I do with the stuff when I’m not using it?” Well here is your answer. With the bow lounge being a U-shape there is the option for a filler section to slide in where you can either add another cushion to have a first rate sunbed, or you can remove the cushions entirely and this is now your bow casting platform. You can’t add a fishing chair to this platform but between the curved bow rails in the walkway you will find a seat base to add an optional casting chair. I don’t mind this decision as it does get you up a little higher, but also since this is a deckboat you have a huge bow platform, almost like a swim platform up in the bow. And of course there is an anchor locker as well as a forward boarding ladder at the bow platform.

Storage under the bow seats is ample, with sealed lids and there is another storage compartment in the floor between the two bow seats. Speaking of seats there is a fun jump seat directly in front of the helm and it’s set low enough so that the person sitting there won’t impede the vision of the Captain.

Rod storage abound in this boat with three spots in each gunnels, there’s rocket launchers towards the rear of the boat and if you get the optional T top with biminis there’s more rocket launchers up there as well. Above the gunnel rod storage is a utility shelf which is so simple yet so useful. Fishermen always need quick access to things like pliers, grippers or scales so you can toss these items here while you’re out fishing then put them away when you’re done.

The CC21 is almost literally the same boat as the CC19 which was released first but they took the extra 2-feet and put it right in the center of the boat which gives you plenty of room to get around that center console but it also benefits the console itself as they were able to add a large side entry to the storage below the helm. You can put an optional porta potti in there as well it gives you full access to all of your helm electronics. The helm itself is clean and functional with the option to either flush or surface mount your graphs but you can also toss loose items on top of the helm which will be protected by the windscreen.

The stern seating area on the CC21 has the same removable backrests that the bow has which connect together and store easily away, and the cushions fully remove when it is time to go fishing giving you a stern casting platform as well as access to stern storage and the livewell. Like I said it’s a boat that pulls double duty. When you put all the cushions in it’s a full fledged runabout, but strip them all away and you have a serious fishing machine. The beauty of this boat is you don’t have to compromise, you get both!

Rated for a max horse power of 225 the Hurricane CC21 that we got our hands on in Miami had a Yamaha F200 on it, which as you will see, was a perfect choice to showcase what it’s capable of. As we idled away from the Marina to the testing area it was a crapshoot as to what kind of water would be facing us on the other side of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Thankfully as we idled under the bridge we were presented with manageable conditions, perfect for the 20-foot 10-inch center console.

With an approximate wet weight of almost 4000 pounds the CC21 is a thick boat but nothing that the power to weight ratio of the F200 can’t handle. It was fast to plane in just 3 seconds and 0 to 20 was 4.5 seconds. We settled into a comfortable cruise at 25 mph at 3700 rpm. Midrange power was responsive hitting 30 mph easily and when we put the throttles wide open we saw a GPS speed of 42 mph which is not bad at all with three grown men on board.

What I liked about the ride was how dry it was. Even though the CC21 has high freeboards it still drove the water down and away from the hull as we hit waves and the wakes of other boats. At no point did it give me any reason to question its abilities and I think this boat would be just as much at home up North as it would down South. It’s a versatile boat that allows you to do a lot with, you can fish, ski and cruise without having to compromise on any one of them.

As other manufacturers try to play catch up to Hurricane in the deck boat world it’s going to be hard for them to do so if they keep introducing new models like the CC21.


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Length: 20' 10" 6.35 m
Beam: 8' 6" 2.59 m
Dry weight: 2,850 lbs 1,282 kg
Draft: 14' 35 cm
Fuel Capacity: 49 US gals 185 L
Base Engine / Drive: Tested with Yamaha F200hp Outboard
Engine HP: 225 (168 KW)
Fuel Type: Gas
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