2021 Princecraft Hudson 190 DLX WS

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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


For many years fishing boats suffered a stigma of having limited aesthetic appeal and being built around a narrow male-only mindset. Princecrafts’ 2021 Hudson 190 smashes those stereotypes and brings fish friendly features and great looks designed for all anglers regardless of female or male persuasion or fishing experience. Simply put, this is an awesome looking fishing machine.

Princecraft brings an array of four colour options for your Hudson– black, blue, white or our, as we tested, a great looking red. Dockside it’s impossible to not notice the rugged looking, tall windshield wrapped in black anodized aluminum. On a cold fall test morning that big screen was my new best friend.

We were treated to the optional tournament fishing TFT package, which incorporates black and grey tournament fishing team graphics into the red hull sides, adds a bow livewell, upgraded seats, quick rod storage, flip up dock cleats, flat seat bases* fore and aft, and storage netting under both consoles and on the bow.

*A word on the flat seat bases. Every angler has stubbed a toe or had a near slip on the traditional– much less expensive-- domed seat bases. Princecraft made the decision to add flat bases at about triple the cost at manufacturer level. As an owner, this decision is one you’ll quickly appreciate as you spend time on either casting platform.

Underneath the glossy urethane exterior paint, Princecraft manufactures the Hudson model with a reverse chine hull design (which pushes the water down when running to generate less spray), twin plating bow to mid ship and at the chine, and a full aluminum clad transom.

Storage seems to be endless– under the bow trolling motor, forward casting deck, starboard gunnel, stern platform and the cargo netting in the bow and under both consoles. And that’s in addition to a lockable rod storage compartment for up to 10 rods.

Additional hard core fishing benefits include an aft 44” Sport Flo electric filled aerated 77L (20 US gal) livewell which also utilizes an overflow, anti-spill cover and a protection filter on the filler pump. And there’s more-- ventilation grids built into the helm to provide air flow in the rod locker, prewired trolling motor harness and bow mount trolling motor pad, and a total of 6 seat bases throughout the interior. I really appreciated the engineers savvy at the helm to give lots of space for any angler’s choice of electronics.

While the Hudson 190 is rated for up to 175 HP our test machine was rigged with Mercury’s amazing 150 XL Pro-XS, which incorporates hydraulic steering and spins a 14x21 Spitfire prop. If she looked great at the dock (and she did), she sounded even better as I eased her away from shore and into the running phase of our testing.

With every test we incorporate a series of different trials including hole shot, top speed, cruising options, and through a variety of straight line and hard turns to feel the hull’s ability to perform. Our on water testing was completed with lake waters at 58 degrees Fahrenheit, ambient air temperature of 8 degrees Celsius (yup, it was chilly), and we had a full 95 L (25 US gal) of fuel, appropriate safety gear, camera equipment and two grown men. As always, every owner must get to know their own boat based on gear, crew, and ever-changing water conditions.

If I could only use one term to describe the Hudson it would be ‘ROCK STAR.’ This hull and engine marriage are so much fun to run! Hole shots were a blistering 3.28 seconds, preferred cruising speed choices were 25 MPH @ 4,600 RPM and 30 MPH @ 5,000 RPM. Top speeds were a treat and the Hudson readily took us to a welcoming 50 MPH at an even 6,000 RPM.

Our waters were calm with limited chop which meant the straight line and hard turn trials could be freely handled. Once you find the spot where, like all boats, the hull begins to cavitate in too hard of a turn the Hudson is a dream to drive. I was able to lay her 19’ length into a hard turn to either port or starboard and the 150 Merc readily responded. Coming out of turns with the engine trimmed down, hammering the throttle with the engine on her way back up the Hudson was flawless.

I loved this boat. If you’re shopping for a rig of this stature, then you need to get into your local dealer or boat show and take a close look at the 2021 Princecraft Hudson 190 DLX WS. You won’t be sorry you did!

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Length: 19' 5.8 m
Beam: 7'7" 2.3 m
Dry weight: 1,475 lbs 669 kg
Draft: 2'8" 80 cm
Fuel Capacity: 25 US gals 95 L
Base Engine / Drive: Mercury
Engine HP: 150 XL Pro-XS
Fuel Type: Gas
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