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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


On a perfectly calm summer morning with 26 degree C temperatures, the BoatDealers.ca team were granted the opportunity to experience a piece of Ontario’s Thousand Islands waterway onboard the 2022 Tiara C44 Coupe. To take the stunning Tiara a notch further, the 44 Coupe was powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 10 D6 480 HP diesel engines and featured their Assisted Docking, Dynamic Positioning System, not to mention a host of newly released electronic features. If the above understates my excitement at this opportunity, I can assure you that anyone near me knew darn well how pumped I was.

First impression – the Tiara C44 is a big boat with sexy curves and she rests proudly in the water. My first glance as I came around the corner at Huck’s Marine & Resort had me grinning from ear to ear. I stood in awe off her bow, admiring the subtle and elegant tones from her foredeck through her hull side lines to the seemingly endless glass appointments. It felt like I was inside the boat, despite the fact I was standing outside it. Knowing that her designers’ goals were to bring the inside out, and the outside in, my first impressions screamed “mission accomplished.”

I continued my admiration down the starboard side at the craftsmanship of the one-piece welded SS 1 ¼” bow rail – a one-piece rail mid ship to bow on a 45’6” vessel – I was impressed. The extensive use of tempered safety glass encircling the salon and helm lead me upwards to the stunning composite hardtop. Finally I was nearing her transom and preparing to step aboard. I paused to appreciate the aft cockpit, the molded in forward facing lounge behind a beautifully crafted teak table with a pair of rear facing seats. I smiled knowing that tucked neatly into the hardtop was a powered sunshade for the occasional moments when a break from the sun was needed.

I burst through the double doors into the salon area and went straight to the helm to experience what Tiara & Volvo Penta had created. The “wow” factor was instantaneous and the smiles were endless. The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit featured a pair of 16” Garmin touch screens which our host had already fired up, so I was greeted with engine system details on the left and navigational maps on the right. I immediately set to tapping and toying with the screens, quickly realizing that this technology would be sure to satisfy even the most avid technophile. There are endless means to access information and set the screens to your preferred setup. I glanced right to the newly designed joystick anticipating how awesome it would soon be to test the Assisted Docking and Dynamic Positioning features. I grinned as my eyes caught sight of the touch pad keyless starting and the ergonomic binnacle.

We had a few moments to roam before our testing and shooting would begin, so I wandered below to the Master & VIP staterooms. The extensive use of teak flooring blends beautifully with warm interior details for a stunning overall look and feel. The Master Stateroom features a private entrance, extensive natural lighting (all with blinds), multiple LED lighting options, a pedestal berth pillowtop mattress, extensive storage, cedar backed hanging locker, a 24” Smart TV, private sound system control and a 6,000 BTU air conditioning system. There is also a private head compartment in the master featuring a fiberglass shower stall, teak vanity with solid surface counter, privacy shades over the opening port lights, exhaust fan and an air conditioning vent.

Moving to the VIP Stateroom, I found a pair of twin berths with available filler cushions, hull side windows with opening ports and privacy shades, a pair of LED reading lamps and another 6,000 BTU AC system. The VIP/Day Head compartment is dressed in teak flooring and vanity with additional storage, a separate head from the full fiberglass shower, exhaust fan and AC.

It was at this point that I heard our Captain joining us (I was perfectly happy not to be the first to take her off the dock) and we set about making final preparations to begin testing and filming. We were docked bow in on the starboard, side nudged forward on the seawall, with about a 35-footer behind us getting fuel. I watched closely as our experienced Captain fired up the systems and began putting the Volvo Penta systems to work. In a matter of seconds, he had activated the Assisted Docking system which utilizes the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) thus ensuring the DPS antenna, which tracks multiple satellites, would assist in managing our exact positioning and our dock exit strategy. All he had to do was use the joystick to tell the boat direction and desired speed and the system followed his commands – perfection in motion.

The Assisted Docking system maneuvered the Tiara through a series of shifts as she gradually pushed her stern out while gracefully easing us away from the dock and keeping us safely away from the other vessel. I cannot understate how quietly the system works, no clunking of gears as the forward-facing pod drives go to work, just a notable series of movements to get us safely underway.

The 44 Coupe measures 45’ 6” (13.87 m) in length, her beam stretches 14’ 11” (4.54 m) in width, she draws 3’ 8.75” (1.14 m) of draft and carries a dry weight of 28,700 lbs (13,018 kg), but the Assisted Docking system took us off the docks like an 18’ bowrider.

We moved out towards our testing grounds where the captain looked over with a smile and said “Ok Rick, your turn.” As our camera crew shot running footage, I initially toyed with a couple of different cruising speeds to get a good sense of her capabilities. My confidence with the combination of the joystick and binnacle gained quickly. Eventually we put her to work to experience her top speed capabilities.

I think I smiled the most when it was time to put the 44 Coupe through a series of twists and turns at a variety of speeds. This is the opportunity to get a true sense of the Tiara factory R&D personnel as you experience the results of their efforts to blend hull design with properly paired drive system combinations. The Tiara team exceeded our expectations once again.

A vessel of this stature is firstly about the onboard experience – the designers dream of bringing the inside out and the outside in – has been masterfully achieved. Secondly, it is about performance of the craft in its most common state – cruising. With a seemingly endless array of cruising capabilities, I would once again state that this too has been masterfully achieved.

The pairing of Tiara craftsmanship with Volvo Penta innovation gets top marks across the board and is sure to create a lifetime of memories for families lucky enough to experience this combination.

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Length: 45'6" 13.87 m
Beam: 14'11" 4.54 m
Dry weight: 28,700 lbs 13,018 kg
Draft: 3'8.75" 1.14 m
Fuel Capacity: 350 US gal 1,325 L
Base Engine / Drive: Volvo IPS650 I/B DSL TWIN
Engine HP: 480 HP x 2
Fuel Type: Diesel
Deadrise: 18
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