2023 Suzumar MX-250-OKIB

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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


The recreational boating world is filled with an array of different types, styles, and sizes of boats. From power to sail, personal watercraft to pontoons to yachts, recreational boats come in an endless stream of options and choices.

So, if a buyer is looking for something truly portable, and their needs have exhausted the realm of stand up paddleboarding (which is an awesome sport), and portability is one of their most important issues - what does the buyer do?

Enter the SUZUMAR line of inflatable boats from Suzuki Marine. With models ranging from 8’-13’, the SUZUMAR lineup has a model to meet the needs of inflatable boat buyers.

The SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB is specifically for the buyer who wants to visit different bodies of water but doesn’t want to tow a trailer, and where ease of use is critical. It also suits a buyer looking to add a small tender to their sailboat or powerboat, or perhaps even an angler, hunter, or explorer looking for compact vessel to reach shallow backcountry waters.

The SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB comes packed in a convenient carry bag and includes the following necessary gear: bench seat, a set of two-piece oars with molded oar locks on the ribs of the boat, lifting handles, D-rings, foot pump, mooring line, repair kit, and instruction manual. Add a Suzuki outboard and your safety gear and get ready to hit the water.

At only 75 lbs, the SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB is easy to move from the back of your vehicle to the beach or waterfront for assembly. A total of 5 valves need to be inflated – one for the keel, one for the floor, and three for the port, starboard, and bow sections. The keel and floor sections are inflated to 5.1 psi and the tubes are inflated to 3.6 psi. In less than 20 minutes, I had the boat ready to rock.

I took a moment to step back and admire the quality of the construction, appreciating the durable configuration of the exterior rub rail and the reinforced seams. Knowing the PVC construction was a 5-layer process gave me confidence in the overall quality of the SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB.

Moving her to the water was a breeze thanks to the molded carry handles on port and starboard, as well as the heavy duty D-ring/carry handle on the bow. The powerful and lightweight 53 lb Suzuki four stroke outboard was chosen as our test engine. She mounted easily on the transom and her onboard fuel tank left lots of interior legroom. I also appreciated the simple and easy-to-use manual start, meaning no battery to worry about. Overall, the Suzuki 6 HP delivered classic Suzuki quality.

With two of us onboard we eased away from the dock for an hour of relaxed exploring. We quickly found ourselves gazing at some beautiful shorelines and beaches and we even spotted a few fish cruising beneath the boat. Exploring means not racing or being rushed like so many boating activities do, and this really meant a wonderful experience on our test day.

The SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB is intended for extended touring and exploring and its simple layout made for an anxiety free boat tour for two. Her compact design is easy to transport, simple to set up and fun to use.

When the film crew made us come back to the dock, repacking the SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB was simple and easy. After a quick wipe down of her interior and exterior we simply laid out the carry bag, placed the boat in the center, began the process of valve deflation and she folded with ease. We set the bench in her storage position, added the two-piece oars and mooring lines and closed up the carry bag for an easy reload into our vehicle.

For a new or seasoned boater, the SUZUMAR MX-250/OKIB opens up a world of possibilities. Drop into any Suzuki marine dealer across Canada, they now have the lineup of SUZUMAR inflatables readily available.

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