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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


Legend Boats have always had a keen eye on the needs and desires of their consumers. The R15 SC is proof positive that this commitment extends from their smallest boats to their largest.

Starting with hull construction, the R15 SC (SC = side console) lands in your driveway with a length of 15’1” (on-trailer package length of 17’1”). Her 0.100 gauge aluminum hull thickness is the same gauge used on their larger boats, her 76” beam leaves room for crew and gear, and her interior depth of 25” provides ample freeboard. Now add in her modest towing weight of only 1,420 lbs and we have an easily towable boat package that doesn’t require a pickup truck to get around.

Other signs of Legend’s impressive consumer commitment include the array of products they include at no cost in their Preferred Equipment Package. Let’s look at these inclusions and the direct benefits for you as an owner:


- Trailer swing tongue – that means less storage space demands in your driveway or garage

- EZ-load trailer guides – do not underestimate how beneficial these are at the launch ramp

- Big wheel back-saver jack and dolly – your chiropractor will thank you

- Quick latch tie downs – securing your load for safe trips down the road


- Removable tinted windscreen – we tested on a single digits October morning. It works!

- 4” Fish / Depth Finder – benefitting safe navigation while highlighting your catching capabilities

- Driver’s seat slider – sets you up in the right position at the helm

- Two deluxe rod holders – super simple and functional

You are also going to enjoy making fishing memories thanks to the inclusion of a generously sized 57L aerated livewell in the bow section. The standard six seat bases are sprinkled throughout her interior, with four in the main cockpit and one each on the bow and stern casting decks. Simply move either of the two standard utility fishing chairs to your preferred location and set your lines. When you are ready to add a trolling motor, Legend has made installation a breeze with a pre-wired setup in the bow. And finally, the lockable, under-the-gunnel storage solution on the port side will hold up to 6’ rods and your valuable gear.

From a structural perspective you will appreciate the rigidity of lateral support ribs that are placed 9” apart, full-length deep-V hull with squared chines, and the three full-length 0.100 gauge keels. All of this means a good running surface on your chosen waterway.

There are also several ‘creature comfort’ value inclusions that are worth highlighting. The 7-layer individually treated plywood floor has a great durability and lifespan benefit, and the big one for me is and the EZ-clean, dura-deck all-vinyl interior. Yes, the entire floor is vinyl - both casting decks are vinyl and even the bow cap for the trolling motor is vinyl. The simplicity of clean up here is an absolute win after a busy day netting fish. A total of four drink holders are located in her interior, and the automatic bilge pump will move any intrusive water back into the lake. A handy storage solution is found on the bow casting deck with a compartment large enough to hold a few lifejackets and safety gear.

Battery storage is located under one side of the stern casting platform with a second battery storage location in the bow section to power your trolling motor. You’ll find the portable fuel tank tucked neatly under the other side of the stern casting deck, and Legend provides a pair of vinyl covers to keep this area neat and tidy.

The R15 is offered with your choice of a Mercury 25 HP four-stroke engine all the way up to 50 HP. Our test package was set up with a 40 ELPT giving us electric start and power trim and tilt. Our test day was brisk – we first uncovered the boat at 8 a.m. in temperatures hovering around 2 Celsius. Brrrrr! Thankfully, our temperatures rose to a balmy 11 degrees with limited winds when dock departures and on-water testing time had arrived.

As we eased out onto Lake Simcoe, we noted a handful of other anglers on the water and very few pleasure boaters. Wake traffic from other boats would prove limited and there was ample room on the bay for us to safely and effectively test the R15.

We first took opportunity to run the boat capturing video footage, which gave me a few moments to feel the hull at mid-range speeds. We moved on to dial in preferred cruising speeds which I found satisfactory as low as 18 mph and very comfortable at 22 mph. Next on our list was to run Kempenfelt Bay and determine her top speed. I’m pleased to report that my handheld GPS speedometer repeatedly showed the R15 could deliver a top speed of 31 mph. Finally, we ran multiple holeshot tests which yielded consistent time to plane from a dead stop in the 5 second range. I would deem all these results as within expectations for this package.

A quick word about testing – wind, current, water and air temperatures, onboard load of gear, and crew will all affect your performance results. Take the time to learn your boats capabilities based on your day’s plans. The positive experiences for you as captain and the smiles on your crew will thank you in spades.

If you’re shopping for your first side console or just adding a small package to your existing fleet, the R15 SC is well worth a look. Your local Legend dealer is set up at a boat show or waiting at home to welcome you.

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Length: 15'1" 4.6 m
Beam: 6'4" 1.93 m
Dry weight: 1,420 lbs 644 kg
Fuel Capacity: Portable
Base Engine / Drive: Mercury
Engine HP: 40 ELPT
Fuel Type: Gas
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