2020 Starcraft SVX 211 OB

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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


The new for 2020 model year SVX deck boat line from Starcraft features 17, 19 and 21’ models. The line is built on the premise of delivering solid value, essential features without the frills and good performance without the need for massive engine HP.

Starcraft backs all their boats with a lifetime hull warranty and a 6-year blister warranty – nice peace of mind whether you are a new boater or an existing boater looking to upgrade.

From the dock the 211 has clean and crisp gelcoat lines that lean forward giving you a sense that she wants to move you. The 200 HP Suzuki sat ready at the stern and we were confident that she would make this 20’ 11” hull get up and dance. She certainly didn’t disappoint.

As we got closer, I quickly appreciated the wide open sensation when looking down into the cockpit. The ‘No frill’s’ approach meant for a craft with lots and lots of room for friends and family which is exactly what deck boats are all about.

Both the bow and stern platforms are treated with marine mat so whether accessing the 211 from the bow or stern ladder our tender tootsies are greeted with a nice comfortable mat when we first step on board. The interior features a full fiberglass inner liner and for me that screams simplicity which I absolutely want when enjoying my days on the water. If there’s a spill of any kind, it’s just a quick clean-up and wash down of the liner and we are back to doing what we love to do.

I noted the multi-colour vinyl throughout the interior and enjoyed how well they played off the multi colour gelcoat on the exterior. And its hard to not notice (and love) the high back seats throughout that interior – certainly an awesome bonus for my guests.

Storage was abundant – clearly Starcraft recognizes the importance of giving us lots of options for our gear and the compartments themselves are finished beautifully.

A consumer that decides they want maximum HP is one who is sensitive to performance results, 200 HP is the maximum HP for this model so I was excited to get her out on the water to see for myself. For this test we had a 24 degree C afternoon, 2 guys on board with safety and an array of camera gear as well as ¾ of a tank of fuel. Our waters were calm. It was time to play.

Hole shots – YOWZA – consistent 4.26 seconds. Simply stellar. The 211 literally leapt out of the water and the sound from the big Suzuki was inspiring.

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I was a bit surprised that she didn’t want a ton of trim – this is something that every captain must play with as every hull and load configuration changes trim demands. Today the 211 seemed to really enjoy running at 20 & 24 MPH with 3,100 & 3,700 RPM respectively. In both cases about 1/8 trim seemed to be spot on to position the hull right where it should be for efficiency.

As I pulled away from cruising tests I was pleasantly surprised at the range to the top end. I had initially guessed we would top out at low 40’s and my hand-held GPS kept climbing as we kept rocking down the lake. In the end the Suzuki pushed us to 6,200 RPM, ½ trim and an exceptional 48 MPH.

The SVX 211 enjoyed a solid range of turning keeping in mind that she’s a deck boat and not a traditional V hull. Simply tucking the trim back in and allowing a slightly longer turn kept the engine from cavitating and hull tracked admirably.

Starcraft has built a winner with the new SVX series of deck boats. As many brands continue to push packages to higher pricing levels it is pleasing to see one so clearly focused not only on todays consumer but also tomorrows. If your shopping list includes a boat packed with essentials without frills, performance without compromise and value without question – then this lineup needs to be on your radar.

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Length: 20'11" 6.3 m
Beam: 8'6" 2.59 m
Dry weight: 2,715 lbs 1,231 kg
Fuel Capacity: 45 US gals 170 L
Base Engine / Drive: Suzuki
Engine HP: 200
Fuel Type: Gas
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