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Boat Review by: Rick Layzell


Consumers seeking a family friendly fishing boat in the 17’ range are often met with an overwhelming variety of options. There are literally dozens of manufacturers and thousands of models to consider. Legend offers up an simple, quality solution that’s packed with all the right features and a concise set of layouts. I would refer to the F17 as a viable solution to those seeking a quality-built boat with features that will benefit everyone in the family – from cruising to towing to angling, the F17 will answer the call for all. It would be easy to identify the F17 as a value-packed family fishing machine, but I say she’s much more than just fishing.

Dockside or in your driveway, the F17 has great curbside appeal thanks to a dominant black colour that adorns the hull, gunnel mold, and pulls playfully into her interior. The soft grey exterior decal package has an almost ‘watery’ feel to it. To me, she looked like loads of fun. That soft grey colour also carried into the interior and really brings the entire package together.

Seating layouts are well thought out and tastefully appointed. The bow section of the F17 features a two-piece bow cushion and just forward of the windshield guests in the bow are treated to curved backrests with integrated beverage holders. She comes standard with two fishing seats and a total of six seat bases, including one each on the forward and rear casting decks. The rear bench is a clever and unique design that Legend calls their “EZ flip 50/50 converta bench” and it’s incredibly user-friendly. At first glance it looks like a comfortable rear bench – and it is indeed comfortable. At second glance, you realize that both the port and starboard side benches can be flipped down to expand the rear casting deck. One kid wants to fish while Dad wants to chill? No problem. Both want to fish? No problem, just flip both seats down in a matter of seconds. Very clever indeed.

Fishing friendly options are housed throughout the F17. Up on the bow, you’ll find she’s pre-wired for your choice of 12V trolling motor. There’s also a 114L aerated livewell with integrated bait bucket. In the main cockpit the F17 houses a total of three lockable rod lockers with one each on both port and starboard gunnels (7’ rod capacity), and another set into the floor with tubes for up to six rods. The rear casting deck features yet another livewell, this one at 45 L capacity. Both livewells feature overflow protection. If these fishing features don’t quite meet your expectations, then cruise on over to the F17 Pro model where you’ll find Legend has taken a more hardcore approach to angling.

A full height stand-up camper top is standard with the Preferred Equipment Package, which also includes a Ram mounted 5” GPS/Fish Finder at the dash, multiple trailer upgrades, and a Bluetooth sound system. Excellent additions.

Our test package was equipped with a Mercury four-stroke 90 hp outboard with their ‘CT’ feature (Command Thrust), which adds a larger lower unit to the engine. This provides benefits like a better hole shot and overall improved performance. I smiled when it was finally time to hit the water.

Our test day took place on Lake Simcoe with less than perfect conditions – 18-degree Celsius (64 Fahrenheit), 25 km/h sustained winds, and up to 50 km/h gusts. We were about to put the F17 to work. The lake had turned up some inconsistent and unpredictable chop and while there were, but thankfully no white caps, so the waves came at us from every possible direction. The F17 never missed a beat.

Running solo with 70% fuel on board (her integrated fuel tank carries 95L/25 US gal), our hole shot attempts delivered and average time of 5.05 seconds – absolutely on point for this type of package. Timing and the conditions gave me the opportunity to push the F17 into and through a variety of waves and she never compromised. Her 17-degree deep V hull and chines kept us on top of the water at all times.

Comfortable and confident cruising speeds were found at 21 and 26 mph, with 3,550 and 4,000 rpm respectively. Standard note of caution -- all captains must take time to find their own suitable cruising speeds based on load and conditions. Our top speed came in at 39 mph at 5,800 rpm. For those who feel the need, I am 110% confident 40 mph is attainable in more favourable conditions day. But make no mistake, 39 mph on a 17’ deep V with a 90 hp engine is perfectly acceptable in my books.

In a sea of brands, models, layouts and options, the Legend F17 is not only a very capable competitor she’s also easy to purchase thanks to the inclusion of the Preferred Equipment Package. If a 17’ family friendly fishing package is on your mind then get yourself into your local Legend dealer and take a good long look at the F17, you won’t regret it.

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Length: 16' 7" 5.05 m
Beam: 7' 6" 2.28 m
Dry weight: 2,566 lbs 1,164 kg
Fuel Capacity: 25 US gal 95 L
Base Engine / Drive: Mercury
Engine HP: 90 CT
Fuel Type: Gas
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